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    Babies are born as illiterates and ignorant about the world and how it operates. Like a sponge, they absorb stimuli from their environment, internalize these stimuli and then exhibit the traits they see displayed in others. If there ever is a mirror-effect, babies and children ace it. As they grow older, they learn how to move, how to talk, how to navigate a bend and how to seat properly. And once they master something, they realize there are many more things still left unconquered. Learning to talk, they still need to know the phrases to communicate their particular needs, and parents can tell you that they have witnessed (even if once), a tantrum filled with frustrated babbles and grunts as a child tries to communicate. Socializing is another thing- why do I need to share when the toy is mine, mine, mine?! ‘I don’t want to share my parents with my siblings, my toys with my friends, or my friends with my siblings,’ a child might think, and it behoves the parents, adults and caregivers to train the child to in the intricacies of human interactions and social decorum. Parents try to do this by as subtly as possible, through the books they read to the children, the stories they tell them, the images and illustrations they are shown. It is not uncommon for a child to aspire to kindness because a favourite cartoon or book character is depicted as kind… and it is on the above premise that Storytime claims to be founded- helping children of all ages to learn and discover the world through interactive play and fun activities. Please read on to know more about Storytime.

    About Storytime
    Storytime is one of the biggest subscription magazines for children in the United Kingdom. The magazine claims to provide content that helps with literacy, vocabulary, reading, writing, and spelling through all ages of childhood. Storytime also has a Reading Buddies Scheme that pairs up older readers with younger pupils, a technique that has been found to have a lasting impact on both pupils. The magazine has an international readership in more than 50 countries, with half of their subscription purchased by international schools who use the materials in classrooms to support children learning English as a second language.

    Products and Services of Storytime
    Storytime offers traditional stories such as fables, myths and fairy tales that are on the United Kingdom National Curriculum, alongside tales from diverse cultures to teach children about the world. The Magazine also comes in specially commissioned, full-colour illustrations, with puzzles, activities, games and colouring. Storytime is printed on durable pages, and offer kids’ competition every month for children.

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    If you have used the Storytime as a resource at home or in the classroom, you are in the best position to tell others about it. Did you find it easy to use? Was the content age-appropriateandeducative enough? Would you recommend it to others? Please leave your experiences and feedback about Storytime here, as well as tips on how the Magazine can serve their clients better.

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