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    Approved by reasons, the benefits of reading books include an improvement in our lives on a mental, spiritual, and social level. Also, if we develop the habit of reading, our comprehension and retention skills will increase. Remember, when we learned to infer the meaning of a word in primary school by understanding the context of the other words in the sentence? We will get that same benefit now if we dedicate ourselves to reading books. They will realize that as we read, especially "difficult" texts, we will be exposed to a world of new words that we would not know otherwise. One of the significant advantages of dedicating ourselves to reading a book is that it turns out that we train our brains. When we practice this activity, you help the organ to carry out its functions in an ideal way. In other words, when we read, our brain gets to exercise, but for it to have long-term results, we need constant activity. Research has shown that events such as reading books or magazines, completing crossword puzzles, puzzles, or even sudoku can delay or prevent memory loss. These activities stimulate the brain in such a way that the cells of the brain connect and grow. People who read tend to have a higher level of concentration and the reader will have the ability to put all their attention on the practical things in life, thereby developing objectivity and decision making. Have you run out of things to talk to a friend, boyfriend, or husband? If this has happened to you, you will know how uncomfortable the situation can be, and many times, it can make people wonder if something terrible happens. However, if we dedicate ourselves to reading more, we will always have something to talk about with others. We can discuss the conflicts of a particular novel, or what we learned from reading that book on business, and the possibilities are endless. TASCHEN is one of the many organizations out there you can take into your consideration for exciting and knowledgeable books. Read honest reviews of TASCHEN here.

    About TASCHEN
    TASCHEN is a privately held establishment, that provides its clients with books across various genres and categories. TASCHEN origin can be traced back to 1980 when it was founded by Benedikt Taschen as a small comic bookstore in Cologne. Since then, they've grown globally to a mostly international distribution network with e-commerce sites and 14 branded stores around the world.

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    TASCHEN provides its customers with a wide variety of books on different genres and categories, which include art, architecture, design, photography, pop culture, fashion, lifestyle, children, classics, film, travel, aphrodisia, children, and many others. Their store locations include Berlin, Beverly hills, Brussels, Cologne, Hong Kong, London, Miami, Milan, and many others.

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    GENERAL | Trailer #1 | 2019

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    TASCHEN is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Education.

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