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    My son's superhero :)

    Eric 02-11-2017
    Would buy here again: YES









    I am very bad in maths and I think same quality my son got in his DNA because he is bad too. His teacher was really angry on our last Parents teacher meeting as London scored extremely low in the class. My friend told me that his daughter and her friend is using the maths factor for a while and they are seeing the results of their studies as well as in marks. so i came back home and did my research on the programme, i got the positive response on site by different people and yes i bought it for my son. i also sit with him to know what this maths factor is taught, my kid. i must say the programme is made extremely well especially to take care kids who hate maths. the design is cool and the way they teach is helpful and easy.
    on this test, London scored well, however, he didn't top but its fine, i am seeing what this programme is doing and i am satisfied.

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