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    There are a lot of emotional and behavioural disorders that a wrongly categorized because they are believed to be anti-social, or unconventional. Indeed, the concept of being ‘different’ from others in itself is perceived by some as a negative trait, which is often shown through the use of derogatory expressions to describe it. For a long time, conditions like Aspergers and Autism were misunderstood, and people who suffered from these conditions faced a lot of cynicism and misunderstanding that only leads to the deterioration of their social interactions. While Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD) involves all the activities that make an individual compulsively take certain actions and perform certain routines, even when they are not necessary, it is categorized as a mental illness because it can be caused by genetics and heredity. Defined as any set of repetitive and habitual compulsive actions, it is said to be a learned behaviour that is usually caused by chemical, structural and functional abnormalities in the brain. However, not all schools of thought agree that OCD is a mental illness, claiming that it is more of a behavioural challenge than a mental one. Whatever side of the fence you decide to stand on, one universal fact is that understanding OCD is the first step in providing the necessary support to the sufferers, or seeking appropriate help as a sufferer. Like most challenges like this, the ability to identify the triggers, understand the condition and prevent further downward spiral is key to the wellbeing of OCD sufferers. The Root Cause is a book written by a former sufferer of OCD, claiming to isolate the root cause and proffer helpful pointers towards supporting others to get over the condition. Read honest appraisals of the Root Cause here before you decide to use the resource.

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    The Root Cause is an e-Book that offers an in-depth description of how to cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The book is claimed to offer a unique and effective technique to eliminate the vicious cycle of OCD, a disorder that could be expressed through fear of rejection, panic attacks, social fear, fear of failure and depression. The book is a culmination of over ten years of research by a sufferer of OCD, documenting the step-by-step methods that led to the curing of the author’s condition, without the use of medicine.

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    The Root Cause claims to address the root of OCD, claiming that it is not a mental illness but a behavioural problem. The book offers knowledge and understanding of OCD, providing teachings on how to put a stop recurring thoughts of OCD once and for all, overcome other anxieties that often accompany OCD, and help take control of one’s emotions.

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