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    Taking time out for a vacation or to do fun things and have adventures is all part of experiencing life and nature. It’s not a bad idea to let your hair down every once in a while, take some time off from work or school or whatever, go somewhere new, experience new things, and learn new skills and just enjoy the gift that is nature. After such a hectic year, that’s just what we need. You may be thinking of what activities you could do or try, maybe something adventurous and exciting like sky diving, bungee jumping, or even surfing. Surfing is excellent for a sunny summer day. Maybe you could take a summer vacation, visit a beach with excellent surfing sites. Surfers always worry about having no waves to surf, what if there was a way to create artificial waves and have a nice surfing experience. There are a few companies you could contact for a surfing experience, one of them is The Wave. For honest customer reviews of The Wave, please do read on.

    About The Wave

    The Wave is a surfing company that was founded by Craig Stoddart and Nick Horsfield in 2010, after noticing that so many health issues were as a result of inactivity. The company asserts it aims to “provide a healthy lining for people of all ages by providing an environment for sports and activities, in this case, surfing”. Craig Stoddart began his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 26 when he bought his first company which he developed and grew until the company had a turnover of 15 million pounds sterling with 85 employees. Also, co-founder Nick Horsfield was voted one of the United Kingdom’s most disruptive entrepreneurs. Nick and Craig alongside a team of other entrepreneurs founded the wave. The Wave boasts of a 180-meter long lake for surfing, with other features such as accommodation for surfers, and educational centre where classes are held to teach surfing, a café and bar, and a surf shop where visiting surfers can purchase their surfing equipment. They also developed The Wave garden technology that could generate up to 1000 waves that are about 50cm to 2m high in one hour. The Wave facility is located in Bristol. They are in partnerships with the Lee Vally Regional Park Authority, located in London.

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    Products and services of The Wave

    The Wave offers a surfing experience to clients, with surfing classes and coaching for beginners from as young as 6 years old and above. They also provide intermediate surfing sessions for suffers who want to sharpen their surfing skills and advanced surfing sessions for skilled surfers. There are also provisions for group surfing and their surf shop provides all surfing equipment for surfers to purchase.

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