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    Due to the uncontrolled nicotine level and present of dead tobacco in cigarettes, some folks are already switching to vaping due to health reasons. Vaping is an electronic version of smoking, in which a vaping device, which is usually filled with vaping juice of different flavours is used. It is also called E-Cigarettes by some folks. Based on extensive research, the Royal College of Physician claims that Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Since there is no association of vaping with combustion, tar or ash, switching to it from smoking, enables users to enjoy health benefits from being smoke-free. With vaping you have a lesser chance to release a noxious or offensive odour. The odours gotten from vaping are mostly that from the flavour used, which is sometimes welcoming depending on your flavour. Nevertheless, we should be conscious of our environment before vaping. We should seek permission from other people before engaging in vaping in public places. We should avoid vaping among kids, pets or in an aeroplane. With vaping you could control your nicotine intake, this is especially suitable for a smoke addict. A smoke addict switching to vaping could easily choose to reduce its nicotine level drastically, till it becomes nicotine free. With vaping you can control the amount of vapour you exhale by choosing an appropriate size of the vaping device or also by adjusting the power output, airflow, coil type, fine-tuning your vapour volume. There are diverse of favour you could choose from when vaping, some of them includes fruit, desserts, beverages, foods, menthol, and tobacco. They could be easily accessed in your local convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops and of course, vape shops. Vampirevape is one of such vape shop that deals in the sale of different varieties of E-juice. Read unbiased reviews of Vampirevape here before considering visiting their website.

    About Vampirevape
    Vampirevape is an established e-liquid brand, which started in 2012, with about 12 flavours. Over the years, they have grown globally and now produces over 60 flavours, their most notable being Pinkman and Heisenberg. The company is in partnership with the following organization, Independent British Vape Trade Association, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, and Blackburn Rovers FC.

    Products and Services of Vampirevape
    The e-liquid brand offers such vaping products as e-liquid, vaping pods,vaping mods, vaping kits, tanks, batteries and other accessories. Some of their available products include Heisenberg Vampirevape E-Liquid, Pinkman Vampirevape E-Liquid, Black Jack Vampirevape E-Liquid, Ice Menthol Vampirevape E-Liquid, Blackcurrant Vampirevape E-Liquid, Pinkman Dot Pro Pods, Heisenberg Dot Pro Pods, Menthol Dot Dot Pro Pods, and more. Their available flavours include Menthol, Sweet, Beverages, Dessert, Fruit, and Tobacco. They offer next day delivery on orders before 6:30 PM. Clients can subscribe to their newsletter to be kept abreast of their newest products, services and offers.

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    Vampirevape is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with E-smoking & Vaping.

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