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Have you heard of Workshare? Are you unsure of what their software does? If you read on you will find out all about what they do and what different products you can buy from them. If you are then intrigued by this but not totally sure about whether or not you want to make a purchase, check out some customer reviews so you can see what their customers really think!

About Workshare

Founded in 1999, Workshare is a software producer for sharing documents for editing and development purposes in group, pair or individual tasks.

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The Workshare software is available either for a free trial or to be bought. There are three options, the Comparison Edition, the Sharing Edition and the Integration Edition. The Comparion Edition costs €13 per month and €150 annually, in order to compare documents frequently and share occasionally. With this you are entitled to 50GB of file storage and 100MB for file transfer plus the capacity to compare Word, PDF and PowerPoint files, receive alerts when documents have been changed and store and access your files on any device. The second option is the Sharing Edition, which costs €29 a month and €350 annually, from which you will have unlimited file storage and 4GB of file transfer. With this deal you are entitled to everything in the Comparison Edition in addition to sending files as secure links from either Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook or Word, request reports on user activity and install auto-delete policies and customize branding, web address & client notifications. Finally, the Integration Edition allows integration with storage and backend systems but is not available to purchase online. This version has unlimited file storage and unlimited file transfer as well as all Sharing Edition benefits and the ability to request automatic email attachment cleaning and PDF conversion.

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Workshare is asset for law firms

I am the one in my law firm who has suggested my senior have the software workshare. I really impressed with the capabilities it has. so it profited my firm and everybody was kind of impressed by my advice as well.
We have gone for integration Edition.A great tool to compare , transact, review and share documents with safety. It helped with accessbility, doucment reading and all the soft-table work

By: Jack Louis 17-05-2018
Would buy here again

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