Everyone likes a discount. Fortunately, there are shops such as that focus on bargains and other nice offers. But what will the quality will their soft furnishing and other homeware be? Will their garden tools really help you to make a wonderful garden out of your wild wasteland? Will their fitness equipment and other sports supplies help you to get into shape? Will the delivery service of send you your new Halloween costume or Christmas supplies before the holiday season starts? And what kind of customer can be expected from when you ask for their help or advice? Only people who already bought something from can tell you more about these things. Read their reviews to get an idea of what buying pet supplies or clothing from really means. Their experience, comments, opinions and ratings can help you to decide if is the kind of shop that you might like to visit.

    About is a company that sells bargains. It’s a family run business. They don’t have their own products but offer discounts and discounted products provided by other shops. They have, in their own words, a huge discount store located in Irvine. It’s a giant warehouse where can find all sorts of items. As a second part of their business, they also have an online business. In their shop and warehouse, you can find lots of products. There is a garden section containing garden tools, garden furniture, outdoor lighting, BBQ’s, picnic blankets, outdoor heating, picnic baskets and garden decor. Their homeware department includes cooking, health, furniture, soft furnishing, baby products, dining, lighting, electronics, computer accessories, laundry solutions, home accessories, work tools, DIY and so on. So if you want to find something new for your kitchen, living room or bathroom, that is the place to look. Pets are not excluded from their assortment. For them, they provide hamster cages, pet carriers, dog toys, pet beds, cat scratching posts, dog leads, collars and so on. In their toys department, you can find soft toys, dolls, story books, toddler toys, squishy toys, Disney Infinity, construction blocks, fancy dress, role play, arts & crafts, remote controlled vehicles, action figures and a lot more. Children will love this section and all the games and puzzles they can find there. If you want to stay in shape, you will need some sports & leisure items. Fitness equipment will be a nice way to exercise. But if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you might need their trekking rucksacks, luggage or camping gear. This department also includes stationary and other office supplies. also offers some clothing and footwear for men, women and children. And for special days, they can provide you with a selection of Halloween costumes and Christmas decoration.

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    The items from can be ordered online. Just select a toy or homeware item you want and let the delivery service of send the item directly to your home. The discount shop also has a customer service department to help you out whenever you need some advice or assistance.

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    Have you ever ordered any of the pet items or Halloween decorations from Then, we would like to hear everything about your personal experience. What do you think of the quality of their furniture and other homeware? How comfortable is their clothing? Did your pet like the pet bed you bought for him or her? And what is your personal opinion of their customer service? Tell us everything via an customer review.
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