How to Change or Recover Your Password?

In today’s digital landscape, many individuals juggle a myriad of passwords for numerous online platforms they use daily. Naturally, forgetting a password now and again is all too easy. Hence, if you ever find yourself unable to recall or wish to alter your password on BritainReviews, consider following these simple steps.

Change Your Password

If you remember your current password and wish to update it, you can do this by logging into your account.

  1. Access Your Account:

    • Navigate to BritainReviews and click on 'Log in' located at the top right-hand corner.

  2. Go to Settings:

    • Hover over your user icon at the top right and select 'My settings' from the dropdown menu.

  3. Update Your Password:

    • In the 'Change password' section, enter your current password followed by the new password (confirm the new password by entering it twice).

    • Click 'Change password' to finalise the update.

Reset Your Password

If you can't remember your password, you’ll need to switch to our new login mechanism, specifically designed to boost security and ease of use. Here’s how it functions:

  1. Adopt the New Login Mechanism:

    • Rather than a password, our system now generates a unique four-digit verification code each time you need to log in.

  2. Improved Security:

    • This approach not only eliminates the hassle of forgotten passwords but also adds another layer of security to safeguard your account.

Still having issues?

If these steps aren’t resolving the issue or you’re experiencing difficulties with password recovery, please get in touch with us using the email address you registered with. This will enable us to assist you more effectively.