Edit Delete Opinions and Mark them as Resolved

Often, we write a review immediately after encountering a poor experience, and many people subsequently decide to amend or remove it. Mistakes can happen, and at BritainReviews, we provide our users with the necessary tools to maintain control over the opinions they publish on company profiles.

Here we explain the main functions available to users when they create a review on our website. Just as there is no restriction on writing reviews, we also allow for the editing of reviews, understanding that opinions may evolve or additional information might be necessary.

Edit a Posted Review

If you've posted a review and wish to amend it—whether to add details, make clarifications, or for any other reason—you can do so easily from your user panel.

  1. Log in to your account at the top right.

  2. Select the “Edit Review” option.

  3. Make the required modifications.

  4. Click Save.

At BritainReviews, we firmly disapprove of the editing of reviews under duress or coercion from companies. If you encounter such a situation, please contact us to report the issue.

Considerations When Editing a Review

Our commitment to transparency and honesty remains steadfast. Therefore, BritainReviews offers the following advice before you edit a review:

  • Is it really necessary? While correcting minor errors or spelling mistakes can enhance readability, it may not always be essential.

  • Are you acting of your own accord? We do not permit companies to coerce our users into editing or deleting their reviews. If you are pressured into doing so, please reach out to us.

  • Does the review contain personal or sensitive information? We advise against including sensitive details that could compromise individuals or involve third parties. Focus on discussing the brand and your personal experience without divulging personal data that could lead to account suspension.

Delete a Posted Review

Users can also delete their own reviews if necessary. This option is typically recommended if you've mistakenly reviewed the wrong company profile or there has been a misunderstanding. If your issue has been resolved, continue reading as we provide a way to inform others that the company has resolved your problem.

Only delete your review if it is absolutely necessary and you are doing so voluntarily without external pressure. To delete a review:

  1. Log in to your account at the top right

  2. Select the “Delete Review” option.

  3. Confirm your action by clicking accept.

What Does It Mean to Mark a Review as Resolved?

Our platform, Reviews International, now allows users to indicate that a company has resolved the issue that led to a negative review.

Currently, users need to confirm that their issue has been resolved by the company to mark the review as “resolved.” We particularly recommend this action for businesses looking to showcase their proactive customer service. Contact us to mark your review as resolved if:

  • The company contacts you and resolves your issue satisfactorily: For example, the company read your review and proposed a solution to address your concerns.