Can I have multiple BritainReviews Reviews Accounts?

At Reviews International, we strictly enforce a one-account-per-user policy. Trust and integrity are paramount to BritainReviews. To ensure our audience can rely on the reviews they read, it is crucial to prevent misuse by limiting each individual to a single profile. This approach keeps our platform secure and dependable.

How to Merge Multiple Profiles?

If you find yourself with more than one profile, please get in touch with us to merge them. You will need to provide the email addresses linked to all your accounts. Should you have a preferred profile to keep active, inform us so we can preserve it accordingly.

What Happens After the Merge?

Once your profiles are merged:

  • All reviews you’ve posted will be consolidated under the selected profile.
  • You will have a single set of credentials (email/password) to log into BritainReviews.

Can I Revert the Merge?

No, the merge is irreversible. As we permit only one profile per user, once profiles have been merged, this decision is final.

This streamlined process ensures that each user maintains a singular, consistent identity on BritainReviews, thereby boosting the credibility and reliability of our platform. If you need to merge profiles or have any inquiries about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out for support.

What Happens if We Detect a User Using Multiple Accounts?

At BritainReviews, we have an automated system to identify users operating multiple accounts through their IP addresses. To prevent individuals from spamming with promotional or fake reviews, our system will automatically ban the IP of any suspected users.