Review Retention Period

Reviews on BritainReviews will remain available indefinitely, applicable to both reviewers with user accounts and those without.

Our Retention Policy

1. To amend a review on BritainReviews, a user account is necessary. We regard reviews as user-generated content, belonging to the author who has the authority to edit or permanently delete them as desired. For users without an account, modification options are not available. Should you wish to have your review removed at a later date, please contact us. 

2. We maintain transparency regarding how long reviews are retained on our platform. It's essential for users to know the duration that their contributions will be accessible to others.

3. We comply with privacy and data protection standards to secure our users' information. This includes reviews, which are stored and managed securely throughout their retention period.

The Importance of a Retention Period

Reviews significantly influence decision-making processes, whether one is purchasing a product or utilising a service. By retaining reviews for an adequate length of time, we aim to offer users access to pertinent and current information to aid in making well-informed choices.

Keeping reviews active while the user account is operational benefits the community by providing a comprehensive database of user experiences that assist consumers in making knowledgeable decisions. Moreover, enabling users to manage their reviews and accounts upholds BritainReviews’ commitment to user autonomy and privacy.

This extensive review retention policy ensures users have full authority over their contributions and can effectively manage their privacy while engaging with the BritainReviews community. If there are any queries regarding your reviews or account, or if assistance is needed in managing your content, our support team is readily available to help.

Ownership of Reviews:

Reviews posted on BritainReviews are deemed user-generated content and thus are owned by the author. When a review is created on BritainReviews, it is linked to the user's personal account. This ownership allows for direct management of the content—meaning you can edit or delete your reviews at any time.

Duration of Review Retention:

  • While Account is Active: Reviews remain stored on BritainReviews as long as your user account is active. This ensures your insights and feedback remain accessible to others, providing valuable information about businesses.

  • Active Deletion: Should you choose to actively delete a review, it is promptly removed from the platform, allowing you to manage your digital presence and control publicly available information.

Impact of Account Deletion:

  • Automatic Review Deletion: Deleting your BritainReviews account will automatically remove all associated reviews. This is a pivotal aspect of our dedication to user privacy and data control. If you decide to discontinue your association with us, we ensure all your contributions are permanently erased.

  • Privacy Policy Alignment: The automatic deletion of reviews upon account termination aligns with the stipulations in our privacy policy under “How long do we store your personal data?” This policy clarifies our handling of user data and delineates users’ rights concerning their personal information.