What happens if someone reports my opinion?

It is quite common within the community to eventually receive an email notification indicating someone has reported your review. Do not worry! It might simply be a human error, which can usually be resolved with just a few minutes of your time. While most reviews removed from our platform are due to automated detection of malicious or spammy content, we also empower our users to report and address their own complaints to defend their reviews regarding a particular store or business. ## Why has one of your reviews been reported? BritainReviews is a platform that values transparency and honesty in its reviews. This is why we enable all our users to rate comments, engage in positive or negative voting, respond, and generate discussions on company pages. Additionally, users can report a post if they believe it does not adhere to our responsible content policy. Our team carefully evaluates all user complaints, some of which are clearer than others regarding whether to accept or reject them. Often, reports arise because a review includes inappropriate language, an unfortunate expression, or overly harsh criticism of the company. In such instances, you must edit and revise your review for reapproval. In cases where serious policy violations are identified, such as: - SPAM content directed at third parties - Unverified AI-generated content - Attempts to influence public perception towards or against a company These infractions will lead to permanent suspension of the account and removal of all associated reviews. ## What should be done if your review is reported? If your review has been reported, you will receive an email detailing the reason for the report and necessary actions. At BritainReviews, we believe in human errors and second chances, hence users have the right to appeal our decision if they find it unfair or lacking context. When a user is reported, three outcomes are possible: 1. **Dismiss the complaint** - If there are no valid reasons to remove the review. 2. **Contact both parties or conduct an individual investigation** - If the situation is unclear, additional information will be requested to verify the review. 3. **Remove the reported review** - If there are compelling and clear reasons to do so. ## FAQ ### Who can report my review? Both BritainReviews users and business owners of the company you reviewed can report your comment. Always be conscious of the impact of your words, especially if sharing a particularly negative experience. ### Is the resolution process different if a user or a company reports me? No, at BritainReviews, all reports are treated equally regardless of their origin. We do not give preferential treatment to company complaints; we are committed to ensuring fair conditions for both users and business owners. ### What happens if a user or company misuses the reporting function? If a user has reported multiple accounts and their suggestions have been rejected several times, and if a pattern or attempt at defamation is identified, appropriate measures will be taken, which may include account suspension.