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    Aaron Steven22-07-2017
    Would buy here again: YES









    I'll start this review saying that I expect 100% effort from the essential services I deal with in my life and in business. Gocompare delivers 110% and most great leaders of major companies will attribute their success by only dealing with people that exceed their expectations - exceedingly rare in 2016...but Gocompare is one of those companies.

    When I started consulting with an exotic car dealership, I was put in the position of searching for a new insurance company to insure some of the most expensive cars in the world. I did not take this task lightly, as you can imagine when dealing with cars over 1 Million Dollars, there is no second chance when it comes to insurance. I called over 15 insurance companies.

    Most of the insurance companies I spoke with were very "Black and White" with the stereo-typical answers in a monotone voice and a 2-week delay before I could talk to anyone. Many were "shy" about even talking to us because of the expensive cars, and complexities of the business. One even told me that it's "too complex for their company" and I began to get nervous I could not find a capable company. My 16th called, was Gocompare Insurance and since then it's been soft work. Highly recommend their services

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