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    Your mobile phone, laptop, iPhone or other device is a valuable gadget to have. But it is also a product you use multiple times a day. So chances are that something happens to your precious tablet or iPad. In that case, you might be glad to have a gadget insurance policy. But what is the best company to provide you with such a policy? One of the companies that offer insurance policies is Simplesurance. But what can you expect from their covers? How easy will getting a policy from their website be? And what kind of customer service does Simplesurance offer for customers that have some sort of question, problem or complaint? These questions can be answered by customers that have already covered their handheld or another gadget via Simplesurance. Read their reviews to get some more information about Simplesurance. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences can help you to know what to expect from a policy provided by Simplesurance.

    About Simplesurance
    Simplesurance is an insurance company. They offer insurance policies for gadgets. There is, for instance, a policy for your mobile phone. They cover brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei and other mobile phones. Also tablets can be covered by Simplesurance. They offer insurance plans for iPad tablets, Samsung tablets, Amazon tablets and more. And there is also a laptop insurance for your laptop computer. In their electronics section, you can find policies for game consoles, cameras, TV’s, HiFi systems, computers and other electronics. Besides insurances, they also offer a warranty extension for laptops. Their policies cover things like all-round device protection, water damage, software failure, display failure, fire damage, quick repair services in case of damage and free customer service. It’s also an option to protect your tablet against theft. That means that you will keep your manufacturer’s warranty just a little bit longer.

    You'll be glad to have an insurance when things like this happen.

    Services of Simplesurance
    It’s easy to take out one of Simplesurance ‘s policies online. On their website, you can find a form that can help you get a quote. Just select the device that you want to cover, the model of the device and the price that you purchased the device for. You can choose a one year cover, two year cover of 3 year cover. Then, the quote will show you what your cover is going to cost you. There is also a customer service that is willing to help you out if you have some sort of question, problem or complaint.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Simplesurance
    Is your gadget or device already covered with a gadget cover from Simplesurance? If so, we would love to know what you think of Simplesurance. What kind of protection does their cover provide? Have you ever needed them because of a claim? Did they really pay you what they promised? Or was your situation the exception that was left out of the cover because of some small print? And what do you think of their customer service? Write a review and tell everyone what your opinion on Simplesurance really is.

    Is your gadget really safe with a policy from Simplesurance? Read reviews about their covers for laptops, cameras, mobile phones, iPhones, tablets etc

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