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    A car can use its value quite quickly. Today, it will be worth a lot less than when you bought it last year. So how do you protect yourself from only being paid current market value if your car is total loss? One company that can insure this GAP is Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance. But how will this GAP insurance cover work? Will they really pay what they promise to pay if you make a claim? How easy will it be to take out a GAP policy via their website? And will their customer service be friendly and helpful if you need their assistance or advice? The only people that can talk about these matters are the drivers and car owners that have dealt with Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance before. Read their reviews to learn what a GAP insurance entails. Their ratings, opinions, comments and experiences can help you to investigate if Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance is the right GAP policy insurance provider for you.

    About Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance

    Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance is a company that offers GAP insurance for your car. GAP is a the difference between the market value and initial value of the car. In case of an accident or other situation that renders your car a total loss, insurance companies often only pay the market value your car has at the time of the accident. They warn you that even if the accident is not your fault but caused by a third party, most insurance companies won’t cover your car’s full value. Therefore, Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance offers three kinds of GAP insurance policies. A vehicle replacement policy is available for car owners with a new car. The car has to be under three months old and has less than 1,000 recorded miles. They will pay you when your car is stolen or written off. There is also a record to invoice GAP cover insurance policy. For this policy, your car cannot be older than 10 years old with less than 120,000 registered miles. The car also needs to be bought from a dealer less than 3 months ago. And last but not least, there is a return to value GAP car insurance. This insurance cover is meant for cars and other vehicles bought privately and valued up to £125,000.

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    Services of Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance

    You can take out an insurance policy via their website. Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance also has a customer service willing to help you when you need some assistance.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance

    So what is your opinion of Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance? Did they pay you the real value of your car when your normal insurance provider would not even think about it? How easy was it to take out a policy from their website? And what is your personal opinion of Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance’s customer service? Please write your own review and tell us what you really think of this GAP insurance provider.

    Warranty Direct GAP Cover Insurance
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    Last month, i had the very bad accident which caused me big financial issues. However, because of Warrenty Direct , i saved myself from spending money on my car. They covered my loss and also helped me to get the total amount of car back. I am very happy that i got this and worked when i needed the most

    By: Harry 09-07-2018
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