10kg vs. 7kg: What Size Washing Machine Do I Need?

10kg vs. 7kg: What Size Washing Machine Do I Need?

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Why does Load Capacity Matter?

The values — 7kg and 10kg — should not be confused with the weight of the washing machine generally. It is the load capacity (which is linked to the drum size).

A 10kg washing machine implies that the washing machine can efficiently handle a 10kg laundry load using a minimal amount of water, power, and time.

Being the larger of the two, a 10kg washing machine can accommodate more than a 7kg drum size. However, a 10kg washing machine might not necessarily be the best for you. (Want to get appliances for your new home? Check out the kitchen appliances review collected by BritainReviews).

To get the best out of a washing machine, you must choose a washing machine that suits the needs of your household. The world has moved on from the age of handwashing. You can shop for modern household equipment like washing machines in Redmond.

Choosing a 10kg washing machine would allow you to handle more load at a go. This would remove the stress of running multiple wash cycles. If the washing machine exceeds your needs, you would not only have spent on space you don't need but would also enjoy less efficiency. Want the best deals? Check out reputable retail outlets like Myappliances.

Is the load capacity for a wet or dry load?

Clothes weigh more when they are wet. So the same amount of clothes that weighed 7kg when dry would be heavier if wet. Fortunately, the specified load capacity is for dry clothes. Of course, once the laundry load is in the drum of the washing machine, it would be wet and thus weigh over the specified mark, but don't worry. The washing machine can handle that.

How to Determine The Weight of Your Laundry Load

In all honesty, nobody cares about the exact figure of their cloth's weight. People merely think of their clothes as heavy and light, not their kilogram value. However, since the washing machines are specific to the kilogram value, it is important to know how much your average laundry load weighs.

Evaluating this weight will help you figure out the best washing machine for you. It would be time-consuming if one had to weigh each piece of apparel. You can weigh a basket full of laundry on a scale and see how much it weighs when full. This should give you a fair idea of your laundry load.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Between a 7kg or 10kg Washing Machine

1. Laundry load

You want a washing machine that can handle your household needs without hassle. Weighing the average laundry load in your dirty laundry basket will help you evaluate if you need a washing machine with a heavy load capacity. If you've got a large family, 10kg is the right choice.

2. Budget

Household brands like Beko, Hotpoint, Hoover, and LG tend to cost more. How much are you willing to pay for a washing machine? A small-sized washing machine is ideal if you have a slim budget and wouldn't mind running multiple wash cycles. Beyond the cost of purchase, one also needs to factor in installation cost. A small washing machine generally saves water and power, so it is a highly efficient option.

3. Schedule

Are you a busy person? That means you might not appreciate running multiple wash cycles. A 10kg washing machine can handle the average family laundry at once. This saves time and allows you to focus on other priorities.

4. Space

Washing machines with heavier capacities are bigger, and they occupy more space. A big washing machine can take up too much space and obstruct movement if you live in a small apartment. The best space-saving washing machines are small washing machines, but they are expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to get a smaller washing machine. Want to get a 10 kg Beko washing machine? Start by reading Beko reviews. Beko is one of the biggest household appliance brands.

Choosing the ideal washer between a 7kg and 10kg washing machine depends on personal preference and your household needs. It is easier to scout for the perfect machine when you know your average laundry load. One cannot overemphasize the importance of buying the right washer. Efficiency is the priority.

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