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    Skincare and beauty routines used to be considered predominantly a woman’s thing, and a couple of decades past, men who took the time to groom themselves stood the risk of being considered effeminate. You might be thinking that being effeminate is not a bad thing, but let’s contextualize it. We are talking about an era when the grooming routine of an average male involved shaving (passed down from the father), bathing and brushing the hair. Finito! Oh, well, putting on clean clothes too. But way back then, it was considered sexy to have a kind of “rough appeal” – the dishevelled look was considered more macho. Of course, trends change, and effeminate men are all the rage now, with their ability to blend shades of colours that would make the machos of the past cringe, among other things. Somehow, the macho men started realizing that having clear skin, smelling good, looking groomed can also be macho, and way sexier than the messy thing they had going in the past. So, looking respectable can be achieved with or without the long, full beard, while keeping the facial hair soft and well-groomed does not take away from anyone’s masculinity. Long hair or short, the era of just using any shampoo or soap is gone. And while today’s world is more flexible as regards the style of men’s look, especially with the evolution and gradual general acceptability of more fluid genders and gender roles, it seems men can adopt any look they so desire- the hipsters look of the 70s and the 80s, or the cosmopolitan looks of the 90s or the fluid fashion look of the Y2k. With more attention to men’s grooming comes more products and companies that service them- skincare, beard grooming creams and waxes, hair care, etc. Altr London is one of such companies that assert to not only focus on men’s products but are also eco-friendly. We can’t say they’ve got you covered for sure, you should read independent reviews of Altr London left here by their existing clients.

    About Altr London
    Altr London, founded by Alex Doyle in 2017, was established to produce cosmetic and grooming products useable by all, but especially for men. The company produces skincare products that are anti-pollutants and made with active ingredients help to remove excess oil, dirt and dirt from the skin. Altr London claims its products are UK-made and cruelty-free, packaged in ethically sourced and recyclable materials.

    Products and Services of Altr London
    Their cosmetic products include Bronzing Gel, Face Fix, Half and Half and Blemish Balm. They also have a skincare line with moisturizer and face wash, as well as accessories like Altr Blender, Altr Wash Bag, and Altr Blender Pack of 3. They offer delivery services.

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    Altr London is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care, Fashion.

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