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    If you’re one who’s always behind a screen, you must have heard of blue light and how it affects your eyesight. However, blue light isn’t all that bad – at least not when emitting from a natural source. Blue light is typically everywhere around us; the highest emitter of blue light is the sun and it’s said to have countless health benefits including mood elevation, boosts alertness, helps cognitive and memory retention and even regulates our circadian rhythm (our inner clock that maintains sleep and wake cycles). The other sources of blue light include electronic devices like television, computers, smartphones, as well as LED and fluorescent lighting. When we spend too many hours in front of a TV screen or other electronic devices, we stand the risk of having eyestrain, physical and mental fatigue, and headaches. Our eyes aren’t built to offer protection against excess blue light rays from the sun, left alone the one emitting from these devices. Prolonged exposure to these artificial sources may cause retinal damage and add to age-related macular degeneration, leading to loss of vision. For people whose jobs require long hours of staring into electronic screens, this can be an enormous work hazard. However, you can protect your vision by investing in a blue light blocker eyewear. One of the brands you can shop from is Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses. To know all about their product offering, kindly go through unbiased assessments of Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses left here by people who have patronized them in time past.

    About Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses is an eyewear company that specializes in blue light blocking glasses for the digital generation. The brand was created by Daniel Nugent and Sacha Cahill in Dublin, Ireland, and in 2017 with a mission to provide computer operators and smartphone users with computer glasses of better quality, designs, and clear lenses. Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses boasts of being a go-to brand for high performing and better-looking blue light blocking glasses with successful sales in over 80 countries.

    Products and services of Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    Customers can shop for a wide range of prescription, non-prescription, and ready reader eyewear for adults and children. Their product collection is categorized into Blue Light, Ultra, Transition, and Sun. Their blue light range is like regular lenses but offers protection from blue lights emitted from electronic screens. The Ultra range consists of glasses that filter almost all blue light entering the eyes. The Ultra range includes light-responsive lenses in a variety of shades, and the Sun range includes polarized glasses that block Blue light and UV light.

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    Have you purchased blue light glasses from Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses in the past? If you have, kindly spare a few minutes to tell us all about your experience using their products. Did their products offer maximum protection from the elements? Are their glasses suitable for people who aren’t on a prescription? And what do you think sets their products apart from other computer glasses is available in today’s online marketplace? Kindly leave a candid review of Ambr Eyewear - Blue Light Blocking Glasses with us as your opinion may serve as a guide for prospective customers.


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