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    not only benefits your body in the physical sense, but also in the therapeutic. At least, that is what Aromatherapy Associates would have you believe. Are they right? Did their oils revitalize your skin? Did you experience therapeutic benefits from using Aromatherapy Associates’ products? How do Aromatherapy Associates’ products stack up against the skin oils of their competitors? How does Aromatherapy Associates take skin care, if at all, to the next level? Did you feel the “true power of essential oils”? Did the oils of Aromatherapy Associates not only benefit your body but also your mind? And if it did, in what way? Learn the answers to these questions by reading reviews!

    About Aromatherapy Associates

    The use of herbal remedies to promote health goes back a long time in history and occurred in many different places. The Mesopotamians used it, and so did the population on the Indian subcontinent 5,000 years ago. The Chinese also believed in the power of plants to cure diseases.

    In 1550 BCE, Egyptians would use plants to treat body and soul. 1,500 years later, Cleopatra took fermented milk baths to maintain her youth (or at least, that is what Aromatherapy Associates claims). Hippocrates, claimed to be father of Western medicine, is said to have recommended aromatic baths. Christian monks passed on the knowledge from Greek and Roman times during the Middle Ages and in the 17th century, Plague Doctors in London would wear masks with herb spices to protect themselves from the disease.

    But the first use of the word ‘Aromatherapy’ is by René-Maurice Gattefossé, a perfumer and biochemist. Another influential figure is Marguerite Maury, an Austrian biochemist who studied the use of oils. Together with Jean Valnet, a French physician and surgeon, she helped Micheline Arcier create the modern conception of aromatherapy. Arcier later trained Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, the founders of Aromatherapy Associates.

    Aromatherapy works in different ways. Through smell, aromatic molecules come into contact with olfactory neurons (nerve cells that specialize in smell), this creates impulses that travel to the limbic system, which is responsible for (among other things) emotions.

    By inhaling essential oils, you absorb them and contribute to the maintenance of your respiration system. Absorbtion can also happen thorugh the skin. Once the aromatic molecules enter your blood circulation, they can travel to all the parts of your body. Thanks to this, essential oils can help mitigate acne, eczema and aging skin. While acne and an aging skin are not unhealthy, they can lead to emotional insecurity. Aromatherapy promises to relieve people of such anxiety.

    What is aromatherapy exactly? This video seeks to explain it.


    Aromatherapy Associates offers many different types of oils for bathing, including:

    • bath oils
    • shower oils
    • face oils
    • body oils
    • body washers
    • body gels
    • body serums
    • body scrubs
    • handcare
    • haircare
    • rollerballs

    Many oils and treatments specifically produced for skincare are also available, including:

    • face oils
    • masks
    • scrubs
    • cleansers
    • toners
    • serums
    • moisturises
    • eye care
    • lip care

    Some of the ingredients used include clary sega, bergamot, camomile, sandalwood, geranium, rose, apricot kernel oil, cactus stem cells, sweet almond oils, black pepper, ginger, lemon, juniperberry, lemongrass, mandarin, pine, tea tree and vanilla.


    of Aromatherapy Associates’ products is free.

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    The aroma around, the herbal treatment, all those fragnance, ancient treatment, the aromatherapy has quite a history and that I could experience while having it.
    It was pure, tranquillizing and peace
    Great experience
    I feel reborn,

    By: Thomas Gordan 05-09-2018
    Would buy here again
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