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    Arts is a language for communicating human emotions. That is why it is possible to listen to musical instruments or watch a dance, and rightly decipher the emotion it was meant to convey. It is a language that sometimes cannot be captured in words, and therefore needs another channel of expression- painting, music, dance, etc. Arts speak about the fears, hopes, aspirations, joys and struggle of humankind. Arts is also a medium of change. Not only do artists use their works like music and movies to pass social commentary and in some cases, try to bring about the need for change to the consciousness of the people, it also changes us at individual levels. Listening to an upbeat music might draw you out of a funk and make you want to dance; looking at a colourful painting might open your eyes to the beauty of nature; and seeing an inspiring movie can reduce anxiety and make you hopeful. All these exemplify the power of arts. Somebody calls it the ‘illusionary world that engrosses the observer’, claiming that it is important to people because it transports them somewhere temporarily (escapism), and the illusion not only inspires, but energizes. On a basic level, for instance, at the level of child development, arts lends itself to physical development and the enhancement of gross motor skills. The creative power of arts builds a child’s esteem as s/he physically sees what s/he’s capable of; as well as an opportunity to learn social interaction skills like a team playing, sharing, waiting for their turn, etc. Arts help cognitive development in children which can sometimes even translate to early maths skills. It helps children from a perspective of the world in trying to understand the mechanics of living, and when it is encouraged, can document the trajectory of growth of a child’s mind, and analytic and perspective prowess. By looking at someone else’s art (children or adult), you can predict their feelings, and that would help you know how to better interact with them. Arteza is an arts company that claims to believe that everyone can be artists. Read independent reviews of Arteza here before considering investing in any of their products and services.

    About Arteza
    Arteza is a company that makes a wide range of arts and crafts supplies and creative tools for artists. The company is located in Delaware, USA and founded in 2015. They assert to have a team of dedicated and well-grounded personnel attendants that provides clients with information about their assortment of products and delivery services.

    Products and Services of Arteza
    Their supplies include Markers like Alcohol Markers, Dual Tip Markers, Chalk Markers, Metallic Markers and Permanent Markers amongst others. The Pens available on their online store includes Gel Pens, Coloured pens, Drawing Pens, Fineliner Pens and Real Brush Pen. Clients can also get paints like Acrylic paints, Metallic Paints, Fabric Paint, Oil Paint, Craft Paint, Gouache paints, etc. Different types of pencils, paper, boards, canvases and surfaces, Art Sets and Bundles, Crafting material, brush and tools and kids’ art materials are obtainable at Arteza.

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    If you have patronized Arteza for your art supplies as an expert, amateur or intermediate artist or arts enthusiast, we implore you to share your experiences here. Tips on how the company can improve its products and provide better services will be immensely treasured.

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