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    JOHN COOPER10-02-2019
    Would buy here again: NO









    It would appear I am about to join the long queue of disappointed customers who have had poor dealings with Aspinal Of London. I ordered my items on line from Australia and could not complain about the apparent quality of the product nor its prompt delivery BUT my complaint relates to the real quality of Aspinal products and their total failure to communicate with me. I first emailed them on the 16th of December 2018 and apart from an automated response that indicated I would be contacted within 3 to 5 working days I have never heard anything in reply. I believe they are avoiding the issues I raised which concerns the title of their company "Aspinal of London". I purchased my items because I felt I was dealing with a top notch British company and all the publicity and information found on their website only leads to this conclusion. From the title of the company to the physical address in West Sussex and telephone numbers, everything is geared for the unsuspecting client to assume ALL products are made in the UK by UK artisans. There is the proviso that some of their leathers are sourced from Europe but this is of no real consequence as European leather is of usual good quality and it it the skill of the artisan that I was interested in with the design and execution of my products. You can imagine my dismay when I received my products only to find on the bill of lading "COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:CHINA"!!! I thought this must have been an error so I wrote to Aspinal, in detail, simply requesting an explanation but nothing has been forthcoming. I have now written on four different occasions and still received no reply even though I have received acknowledgment of receipt through an automated response as mentioned above. I have been patient, offered multiple chances to reply and shown great restraint but all to no avail. I was fascinated to find this forum and discover that my fears may be well and truly founded, in fact. Some of the complaints I have read here would indicate that some of Aspinal items show poor craftsmanship and this would be in keeping with shoddy Chinese practices. I should add that the items I have purchased have shown none of these defects, as yet. It is totally unfair to the consumer who purchases in good faith not to have this trust reciprocated. The reason for my dismay with the product being manufactured in China has nothing to do with the country or people but in the fact that I thought I was purchasing a top notch English item, from a top notch English company, who are bound by good trade and work place practices. I am not prepared to be duped, nor to support a Chinese manufacturer who probably has appalling working conditions and sub standard wage structures in comparison to the UK. All of this could have been averted with a simple reply and apology, if required, but now I will make it my mission in life to make sure the whole world knows about the situation as it stands. Even so, I will once more, offer Aspinal the chance to reply to my concerns, something that many people would not be prepared to do, given the circumstances.

    JOHN COOPER14-02-2019

    I just received a reply from Aspinal about this review hopefully it can be seen somewhere on this site. This lady who responded, Sue Swain, should be in politics as she certainly knows how to 'spin'. No attempt to definitively answer my question about if the products are made in China but a lot of 'pap' about "Corporate Responsibility Policy" and it gets even better, " Brand policies and guidelines laid out by the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code". The simple truth is as follows. I, and probably most of the consuming public, think they are dealing with a British company who designs, produces and supplies British products and when questioned about the origin of their products the company hides behind 'corporate speak'. The simple question I want answered is, "are Aspinal products made in China??" If this is the case then change your name to 'Aspinal of Beijing' and stop misleading the public. I for one am tired of corporate duplicity and the rising trend to money before morals and the ruination of what once was an internationally known symbol of honesty, integrity and workmanship - 'made in Britain'!

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