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    Where, when and how we listen to music is changing. People want access to enjoy music quickly, easily and in high quality in any place – be it at home, at the office or while exercising. With the services of wireless speakers, wireless headphones and smartphones acting as constantly available music centres, the CD is being replaced as the “classic” sound-storage medium. Be it a pair of wireless earphones or a portable speaker; users increasingly want to play music through devices which they can take with them anywhere, all day long. Bluetooth Wireless Technology was invented by a group of scientists working for the Swedish company in 1994. Just four years after discovery, a whole group of companies began to share the technology to enhance their projects and help those products communicate better. The radio technology that powers Bluetooth has its origins in secure portable radio communicators (walkie-talkies) developed by the military. The name 'Bluetooth' comes from the Middle Ages and is named after King Harald I of Denmark, whose nickname was 'Bluetooth', apparently because he liked blueberries so much they stained his teeth blue. King Harald united the various Danish tribes into a single kingdom, and so the technology connects a lot of different devices. The symbol is a bine rune made up of the initials of Harald's name although, Bluetooth Technology isn't 'owned' by any single entity. Bluetooth technology is especially in high demand in Western Europe and About 15 per cent of headphones and stereo wireless headsets sold since the first half of 2017 until now had Bluetooth capabilities – meaning that Bluetooth and true wireless devices are also becoming increasingly popular. Play directly from your mobile device via Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth or Chromecast built-in. while in audio mode, helpful things like a radio station and artist information are elegantly displayed on the part of the screen still visible behind the speaker fronts. There are televisions with a revolutionary speaker, the oak veneer speaker covers unveil an outstanding example of craftsmanship, complementing the dark TV screen with their furniture-like materials and elegant detailing. Despite their solid appearance, the grading pattern is carefully designed to maximize acoustic performance. There are quite some electronics dealers that claim to deliver the very best speakers worldwide and one of them is Bang & Olufsen. However, you should read through the reviews of Bang & Olufsen before patronizing them

    About Bang & Olufsen
    It all started in 1925, when two engineers, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, began a modest production of radios in the attic of the Olufsen family home, 'Quistrup'. Bang & Olufsen is a luxury Danish consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets, and telephones

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    Their products include Wireless Speaker Systems, Televisions, Speakers, Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Sound Systems, Headphones, Apps and Accessories.

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    Bang & Olufsen is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Electronics.

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