Bed sheets buying guide: read this before buying

Bed sheets buying guide: read this before buying
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Bed sheets buying guide: Know this before buying Description: Are you a first-time buyer of bed sheets? Don't worry! We've got you covered in this guide. Find the best sheet you can! Introduction: If you’re thinking that choosing bed sheets is straightforward as it seems - you’re wrong! Read this extensive guide and make an informed decision.

Are you trying to align your home decor with the bedding? Do you lack the knowledge which will help buy the best bed sheets for your bedroom? This ultimate guide to choosing the bed sheets will help you get the right sheets for you. Keep reading!

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Pick the suitable material

Cotton is the most used material for luxury bedding. For this reason, it is highly comfortable, breathable, strong, and incredibly push. Another common material for extravagant bedding is linen. Natural linen bedding that is breezy and draining is a great option for hot regions and radiates a relaxed sense of elegance. These two materials are the most considered. Well, other options are bamboo, Egyptian cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester etc.

When buying the bed sheet, the first and foremost thing to consider is the material which makes a huge difference in the sleeping experience. Another thing to add up with the material is fibre - both, material, and fibre when combined, give the comfortability to their level.

Consider the fibre

Along with the material decision, four different woven techniques stand out as the best in terms of flexibility, durability, and strength.


First in this category is Percale a tightly woven organic cotton thread which is a one-over-one-under weave which makes them crisp, smooth, and easily washable sheets.


Various woven textiles can also be used to create satin sheets. The softest texture is produced by cotton threading, which will give you the impression that you are lying in a plush bed. Satin bed sheet provides several advantages including luxurious feeling, and water-resistant.

Important: Satin and sateen are two different concepts. The only difference is of staples and filaments. In satin bed sheets, you’ll find the long-stapled yarn while in sateen bed sheets, short-staple fibres will be found. Don’t mix these two fibres!


We look for warm comfort indoors while the weather outside gets colder. Flannel is the ideal warm and cosy fabric. You might want to cover yourself in a heavy flannel comforter during the coldest winter evenings.

Know the difference between flat and fitted bed sheets

Flat bed sheets have a hanging part on the three sides of the bed while fitted bed sheets cover the whole mattress.

Understand the thread count

The term "thread count" describes how many threads there are in a square inch of cloth and describes how smooth the bedding will be next to your body. Therefore, your bedding will feel softer the greater the thread count is. When buying, thread count matters the most and sheets with a thread count of 250 to 300 work well if you want a cosy and affordable choice.

Over the past ten years, thread count has generated a lot of discussions. Frequently, the discussion is phrased to indicate that finer sheets are associated with greater thread counts. To some extent, it is true because more thread count reflects the softer and luxurious touch feel. For all the types of materials and fibres, thread count is different and this factor makes the different types of bed sheets different.

Take your sleeping tastes into account

When choosing the bed sheet, how can you forget your preferences on sleeping experience and your own taste? Are you the person who sweats a lot at night or you are the one who gets up at night due to a cold feeling? Your bed sheets should be compatible with your skin for a good experience. Consider these factors before buying the bed sheet;

• If you sweat a lot, buy a percale sheet for extra breathability and airflow.
• If you are a cold sleeper, the flannel sheet will be the best choice for you.
• For supreme softness, satin sheets will work best for you.

Consider the size of your bed sheet (which type of bed do you have)

To get the right size, measure the mattress size and depth. If you’ll buy extra inches, the sheet will wrap around while you sleep and if you’ll buy the bed sheet with minus inches, it will become much tight to take off of the bed. For the double bed sheet, the measurements may be different and for the king-size bed sheet, the length and width is different. So,

These equations will help you in finding the perfect size for
your bed sheet;
Mattress length + Mattress depth = Sheet length
Mattress width + (2x Mattress depth) = Sheet width

For waterproof bed sheets;

Waterproof bed sheets have absorbent materials which keep the bed clean. The whole guide also applies to the waterproof bed sheet when looking for buying a new one. The dry resting surface is followed by the absorbent pads. Some bed sheets have the waterproof quality which keeps the liquid above the sheet and some bed sheets come with absorbent pads. The most important thing to consider and ask for from the bedding stores is moisture control which will help you get the best.

How often should you buy new bed sheets?

If effectively managed and regularly maintained, a high-quality set of sheets may last anywhere between five and ten years. The likelihood is that inferior sheets need to be changed after two years. It's time to start looking for new luxurious bedding when you realise that the fabric of the sheets is no more compact and solid, they begin to appear murky with age, or the fabric is coming undone or has ripped. To make replacing sheets easier and quicker, it is a smart option to have an additional pair of luxurious bedding for each mattress in your home, if your budget permits.

Bonus with guide: Bedding Arrangement tips

In addition to being comfortable for your body, bedding should also be attractive. If you want to get a cold, breezy suite or a comfortable room with vibrant materials, think about matching the colour and design of your bedding with the decor of your room.

Sheet sets in peaceful solid colours help to generate a relaxing mood in your bedroom and prepare you for a restful night's sleep. Neutral colours are always a good choice.

Buying a complementing duvet cover will make it easy to decorate your bedroom. Consequently, there is no need to look for a complementing comforter. Duvet covers also make cleaning and removal simple.

A practical strategy to ensure that your bed is organised and comfortable is to buy bed sheet sets that come with pillowcases and allow adding more if required.


The above-mentioned formulas and important considerations apply to all types of beds and mattresses for which you want to buy a bed sheet, no matter if it is a king-size bed or you are looking for a superking bed sheet. I hope this guide is helpful to all of you!

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