Frequent Lapses That Could Damage Your Beer Fridge

Frequent Lapses That Could Damage Your Beer Fridge
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Your beer fridge needs proper handling if you want it to last long and keep your beers chilled at the right temperature.

There are many bad habits that reduce the efficiency of your beer fridge. Whether a small beer fridge or a larger one, proper care is needed. If you lack much knowledge about such fridges, reading more opinions on sites like BritainReviews can be of immense help.

Meanwhile, knowing some of these bad habits will help you avoid them. Thus, without wasting much time, let’s examine some of them.

1. Improper temperature regulation

Your beer fridge needs to be at the right temperature at all times if you want your can or bottled beers to taste smooth and last long. Unopened beer lasts as long as 6 to 8 months. It can still stay longer after its expiration period. Your beer refrigerator plays a significant role in preserving your bottles for longer periods. The best temperature for your beer is typically between 10 to 13 degrees Celsius.

2. Lack of regular cleaning

Beer fridges need to be treated with much dignity. You shouldn’t be too busy to clean your fridge regularly. You need to take care of the interior and exterior parts. Constant drink spillage and other residues are always occurring features. This means you have to keep up with cleaning too. Dirt accumulation on the refrigerator seal can cause damages as well.

Prevention of all these through constant cleaning will save you from many future headaches. Bi-weekly cleaning will do the trick. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a Husky beer fridge or one from reputable places like Appliance City, lack of proper maintenance will kill it.

3. Frequent Opening

Frequent opening of your fridge is something you should stop doing. The more you open it, the more energy it consumes to maintain the right temperature. When you open, energy is dissipated into the surrounding environment, and the fridge’s temperature reduces.

4. An Under-counter beer fridge isn’t the same as a mini beer fridge

An under-counter beer fridge is different from a mini beer fridge; thus, it shouldn’t be treated the same. The former could be a larder fridge; thus, it may have more room for your beer storage since it comes without an icebox. Thus the level of stock you will have in it will be different from that of a mini beer fridge. Therefore, do not treat one as the other as it may reduce working efficiency.

5. Ditching the manual

Ditching the fridge manual is not a good idea. It is meant to help you know how to operate the fridge and other things you should note. You need to free run your purchase for some hours to get it going. This is to prepare it for whatever you are going to stuff it with. The manual will contain such instructions and more.

Where to get Beer Fridges in the UK

You have to know if a shop is reliable since there are numerous places to get beer fridges in the UK. One way to do this is by asking for recommendations. Some may tell you that an Argos beer fridge is the best, but you need to verify for yourself to prevent buying what won’t be up to your taste. Reading online reviews is a great idea. This Sonic Direct reviews is a typical example.

Where to get Beer fridge repairs

There are many UK household appliances repair stores. If it’s a minor electrical problem that you can’t fix, getting a professional is best. Some home appliance selling stores also offer repairs. You can check places like Marks Electrical to see if they can be of help.


There are many advantages of proper beer fridge maintenance. It increases efficiency and durability. Proper maintenance also reduces energy consumption and prevents you from frequently needing repairs.

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