Best Electric, Charcoal & Gas BBQ This Summer From Landmann

Best Electric, Charcoal & Gas BBQ This Summer From Landmann
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It's widely known that the best seasons for BBQs are summer and autumn. Glorious days and mild, tender evenings make cooking al fresco a pleasure. 

Really, there’s no bad time for a BBQ - the effect on your food is the most important part. But, summer and autumn are definitely prime grilling time. Enter, Landmann. Their choice of the best electric, charcoal, and gas BBQs for this summer have you and your BBQ needs covered. With all manner of grilling equipment, for every level of BBQ-er, the only thing you have to worry about is buying the food. Find out more about our favourites from Landmann - we’ve carefully analysed them below.

Rexon MCS Cook 3.1 - 3 Burner Gas BBQ

The Rexon MCS Cook 3.1 - 3 Burner Gas BBQ stands out against the competition. As well as the fact that it possesses an automatic ignition and allows the chef to alter the cooking speed and temperature, there are side burners that can be used in the cooking of several other dishes/delicacies at different temperatures without affecting the main grill. 

The Burner Gas BBQ has amazing features for a great price. Better yet, though? You can also get an extra 5% off the up to 60% sale at Landmann with the following code: GET5.

Charcoal - Dorado Charcoal BBQ

For those who dislike a burner gas BBQ, there's the option of a charcoal BBQ. Both have a built-in thermometer, so you know when the right temperature has been reached, but there’s just something about charcoal.

There is not much difference between the gas BBQ features and charcoal BBQ features. Just while the former uses costly gas, the other uses charcoal. It’s a cheaper choice too, compared to gas - what’s not to love?

Pantera 2.0 Electric Portable BBQ

For those who don't like the charcoal or gas BBQ equipment, there's the option of an electric and portable BBQ. The Electric Portable features are quite different from charcoal or gas due to their non-involvement in an extra source of fire for grilling. It has an aluminium lid, a built-in thermometer, and a steel fire bowl, among many other features. Compared to the others, the portability of this grill, and the fact you can quite literally use it anywhere, make it super cost effective. However, as stated above, you get a mouth-watering discount due to the ongoing flash sales. Check out the Electric Portable BBQ features.  

Ball Of Fire Fire Pit

The Ball of fire pit is an outdoor fireplace with a spherical spark screen and an unobstructed 100 per cent, 360-degree view of the flames. It performs dual functions — used in making barbeque, which is its primary function, and also meant to keep you warm for evenings outside or with friends and family.  

Landman’s Big Summer Sale 2022

Aside from the bonus given on all the products mentioned above, you also get to enjoy the following benefits: 

  •  An extra 10% discount if you are a new customer and ordering for the first time.

  • Landmann also offers free shipping if the orders are within the UK, and a reasonable shipping rate if otherwise. 

  • Landmann's shipping policy ensures that your products get delivered within 2-4 working days, irrespective of your location. This means that you don't have to wait for ages before getting your goods delivered, unlike other companies. 

  • Should you want to return any of the products, Landmann offers free return shipping to their warehouse amidst a 30-day right of return. 

  • After buying your BBQ equipment from Landmann, the payment procedure is as simple as ABC. You can pay using Amazon, PayPal, or any valid credit and debit card. 

  • It's also safe to buy on Landmann; their website does not store card details as they are transmitted separately and secured via SSL encryption. 

Final words

So these are our favourites from Landmann for your BBQ’s in the coming months. With Landmann, you’re getting high-quality at a great price point. 

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