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    Dogs are easily referred to as man's best friend and favourite companion. They are domesticated carnivores of the Canis family, the first-ever animal to be domesticated and trained by a human. Their very long association and encounter with humans have led researchers and dog vets to believe that these animals have uniquely attuned to human behaviour. These animals vary in size, shape, and colour. Dogs are easily trained when compared to other animals and they perform many roles in modern-day society for humans, like herding, protection, hunting, aiding disabled persons, and the assistance of the military and police forces. An average dog has a more heightened sensitivity compared to humans, including better vision (majorly at night), smell, hearing, and feel of the earth’s magnetic field (some studies believe that some or all dogs possess the ability to see the magnetic field of the earth). Dogs are one of the most playful animals domesticated, and most people tend to get toys and foods for them. BOXDOG is a delivery agency for dogs, that focuses on bringing six (6) to eight (8) ordered products for dogs. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of BOXDOG here before visiting their website.

    About BOXDOG
    BOXDOG is a seasonally functioning delivery company, that asserts to focus on delivering six (6) to eight (8) premium products for dogs. Some of their products include vegan skincare, a 100% handmade bakery treats, gadgets, and toys for dogs that won’t be found in any store. The company, BOXDOG, maintains its loves to design and create products or items that would give satisfaction and joy to both the owner of the dog and the dog(s). Most of the items or products inside the company’s boxes are completely designed by BoxDog or an exclusive partner. The company claims to have a record of over ten (10) BoxDog chefs in the US, over five-hundred (500) dog cakes baked, and over ten-thousand (10000) Fog cookies prepared 100% by hand.

    Products and services of BOXDOG
    BOXDOG a delivery agency that delivers boxes of items every quarter of the year to dog lovers and owners. And these boxes come at a different number of items in it and varying prices. BoxDog offers different subscription plans to its customers, The Monthly Box; you get to choose four (4) items, treats, toys, clothing, or skincare each month. The Quarterly Box, you get 4 types of handmade treats and 1 vegan skincare item. Annual Box; you get VIP access – annual members pick every season. Some other products and items that can be gotten from the company include Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Dog Backpack, Tough Football, Mosassaurus, Canvas Backpacks, Trex, Dino, cookies, Bandana, purple fluffy squid, BoxDog sushi roll, Indoor/Outdoor Mats, and lots more.

    Compliments, complaints, and tips on BOXDOG
    Have you gotten any box from BOXDOG? Was the box subscription you ordered the right one for you? Are the toys durable? Would you recommend BOXDOG to someone else? Kindly share your experiences receiving boxes from the company. We would love to get your feedback as soon as possible.

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    BoxDog is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Pet Shops.

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