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In our modern society, life without a computers, networks, internet and other technical devices is hard to imagine. Just for a moment think about how many times you revert to a computer for typing documents, playing a game, looking something up or visit social media. When you start to think about it, you probably have to admit that you spend more time on a computer device than you realised. With computers being such an important part of our lives, you will want a PC that works properly, offers quick access to internet, documents and other networks, and is reliable enough to know that you won’t have to worry about being shut down all of a sudden. But where do you find such a device? Because of the large demand, there are lots of providers that sell devices and want them to buy at their shop. One of them is BT Business Direct. But can you trust them? That is what customers that have already bought a Smartphone or tablet at BT Business Direct can tell you. Read their reviews, opinions, rating and experiences to find out how (un)reliable this webshop really is.

About BT Business Direct

BT Business Direct is a retail company that sells computers and everything that has to do with it. They are a part of the BT Group and proclaim themselves as “a one-stop-shop for all your business’ computing, networking and ICT support needs”. Their webshop contains more than 20,000 products. They deal in both hardware and software. The products that they sell range from computers to components, storage, phones, consumer electronics, networking necessities, printers, office supplies, conferencing aids, cables, power adaptors and more. Their selection of brands includes Antex, Apple, Asus, Samsung, Intel, Toshiba, Sony, Levono, Microsoft, Dell and HP.

Just some fun at BT Business Direct: a charity fancy dress event

Services of BT Business Direct

Besides selling computers, devices, hardware and software, they also offer the services to supply, install and maintain your computer or other device. Frequent customers that have spend a certain amount of money on their website will be given a customer update which will allow you the privilege of preferential pricing. They also publish their own TechKnow Magazine and they have an educational program that educates all of their employees so you will be given customer service by people that know what they are talking about.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for BT Business Direct

Are you already working on a computer that was bought or maintained at BT Business Direct? In that case, you are the right person to tell us what you think about this company. How long did it take for your mobile phone or Smartphone to arrive? Do they keep to their promised delivery period? Are their employees really that well trained, or do they know even less that you do? And is customer service willing to help you if you have a question or complaint? Let us know via a customer review with your experience, opinion, rating and more. Your review can help others to decide whether visiting BT Business Direct might be a good idea or not.

Does the helpdesk of BT Business Direct know what they are talking about? Read reviews about their computers, smartphones, maintenance and more

BT Business Direct
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IT Solutions at its best!

I run a webs designing firm with 8-10 employees . It's start-up actually. Honestly, it was tough earlier to set-up 8-10 computers, proficient and super-fast and surely at like SUPER CHEAP.
My senior from the last firm I have worked suggested about Busines direct. I get these guys, trust me. they are really cool.
They got us 10 systems along with networking setup- the good brand, effective price and all like in just one week.
I got my whole setup from them , like from hardware to software. networking, storages printers and office supplies as well.
It was the best I could get and that I came to know when I compared the prices to other offline stores. It was way far from what they offered.
It saves time and services are just perfect we needed.

By: Miley Stuart 25-01-2018
Would buy here again

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