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    Security is an important factor in the mind of each homeowner. No homeowner could rest easy knowing that his home is completely vulnerable to the attacks of burglars, or armed robbers. That is why all of them try to take enough preventive measures in their way, to ensure the safety of their home. They install strong, metallic front doors, install burglar alarms on their windows, and some even hide cameras that feed their content to a video recorder. But, these methods, though effective, are aged. Advancements in technology and the widespread usage of IoT (Internet Of Things) has made home security easier, and much better. Not only is it possible for the homeowners to monitor the conditions of their home through audiovisual methods, but it also allows them to even control various areas of their home remotely by relying on the internet. Home security devices have begun to gain widespread recognition among many homeowners. If you want to secure the safety of your home using a home security device, Canary might be a good location to acquire some. But, the security of a home is a very important affair, and many homeowners would not want to try a security company that isn’t tested and trusted by others. If you want to hear from individuals that have patronized Canary before you make up your mind, then you should read the honest customer reviews dropped here for the company by their real clients.


    Canary is a home security company that avowed to have been known for the range of security devices they produce, which is known as Canary. This company is guided by a belief that home security devices are supposed to not only make you feel smarter but are supposed to put you in control and provide you access to various types of information. As such, the security devices that are developed by Canary are maintained to be made easy-to-use and are capable of giving the homeowner a lot of important information about the condition of his home.

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    The Canary security system is a lineup of all-in-one security devices developed by the security company, Canary. These devices are capable of capturing audio data, video data, temperature, and a host of other important pieces of information which they can easily relay to the homeowner. Suitable for pet owners, homes with elderly relatives, and homes in which the occupants are away, the Canary range of security devices are the Canary Flex, the Canary View, the Canary Pro, and the Canary Multipacks. All Canary security devices in a home need to be utilized in tandem with the Canary mobile app, which allows the homeowner to remotely monitor his home, view videos of scenes from when he was away and even view other useful information about the conditions in his home from the comfort of his smartphone. After purchasing any Canary device, the customer can either utilize it for free after downloading the Canary mobile app (with many important features locked) or acquire a premium subscription that can allow him to utilize all the features of the Canary device.

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    Canary is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Homeware, Electronics.

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