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    Of course, you can do sports activities in your regular T-shirt and jeans, but often these fabrics are not supple and elastic enough to support you during a heavy training or competition. It just doesn’t feel comfortable. That is why special sports clothing might come in handy. Columbia Sportswear would like to supply you with a proper sports outfit. But what will the quality of their T-shirts and fleece vests really be? Will those jackets and coats be as waterproof as Columbia Sportswear claims them to be? Will you have to wait long for your gilet to arrive via Columbia’s delivery service? And what will Columbia Sportswear offer in terms of customer service? Only people who already visited Columbia Sportswear at least once can provide you with an honest answer to these questions. Read their reviews to discover what these customers really think of this sports shop. Their opinions, experiences, ratings and comments can show you what can be expected from Columbia Sportswear.

    About Columbia Sportswear

    Columbia Sportswear is a sports shop. Columbia Sportswear has been founded long ago. De history goes all the way back to 1938. They would like to supply you with some no-nonsense sports clothing and sports shoes. These shoes and clothes should keep you warm and dry under any circumstance. They offer sports gear, but their assortment can also be used by people who don’t do sports but just like to be outside. Their assortment contains a couple of fine jackets that keep wind, rain and cold from your body. There are waterproof coats but also ski jackets, 3-in-1 jackets, insulated jackets, softshell jackets and so on. Underneath your jacket or coat, you can wear one of their fleece vests, long-sleeve T-shirts, tops, short-sleeve shirts and more. Their selection of trousers consists of trail trousers, waterproof trousers, walking trousers, shorts, long trousers etc. There are even some sporty dresses for women. For your feet, they provide a variety of shoes. There are sandals, walking shoes, walking boots, winter shoes, rain boots, winter boots and more. Furthermore, they provide accessories such as backpacks, ski gloves, underwear, winter socks, walking socks, scarves, hats and caps. Besides clothes, they also have sports necessities for various sports. Those sports are snowboarding, fishing, trail and hiking. So if you’re looking for a new pair of skis of a new fishing rod, this is the place to be.

    The Highland Way by Columbia.

    Services of Columbia Sportswear

    If you encounter some sports clothing or outerwear that you like, you can order them online. There is a Columbia Sportswear delivery service that will send the trousers or jacket to you. Also, Columbia Sportswear has a customer service department to help you when you need them.

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    Do you already exercise in sports clothing from Columbia Sportswear of do you like to wear one of their coats when it gets colder? Then, you are the perfect person to tell us more about this sports shop. How warm and waterproof are those coats, really? Are those trousers and T-shirts really that comfortable? And how did the customer service of Columbia Sportswear handle your complaint? Let us know all about it by writing a Columbia Sportswear review.

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    Yes, qualities are unmatchable

    Columbia, my favourite store since 1999
    No complaints so far , so reliable indeed. Insulated jackets,.Shoes and T shirts are always my preferred brand from Columbia store.
    If we make any comparison,sports items, especially clothing of any use for sporting purpose need some extra specialities and that they have. Cost is little different then normal sports wear and that is affordable.
    I can suggest my sports man ,women friends ,mist try with a small order then go for big collection.

    By: Gagon14-11-2018
    Would buy here again

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