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    Priscilla Eastman 09-02-2019
    Would buy here again: NO









    I would not categorize them as trustworthy, actually far from that. I have to admit I have done a lot of shopping for crafts these past 2 years to build up my collection. I pretty much buy most items through 2-3 companies for the most part, and I would have to use my experience with all companies to come to the conclusion that they are the least tech savvy, the least satisfaction with customer service and the least trustworthy of everyone I have done business with, however, they are also the only company not from USA. You have to watch every single order or you do not get promised discounts on many items and you have to call to have fixed. I have come to the conclusion they do this so they can profit from all of those that don’t notice. They will also charge your account for flexi payments the date prior to agreed apon date, . They make it hard to follow your flexi orders online and you can’t pay yourself online through your account like everywhere else I have experienced. This is because they then will try again and if still no payment made, they charge you $20., and block your account until 72 hours after paid (never only 72hrs). They just blocked my account only 7 days after missed flexi (missed due to new card not insufficient funds). You have to call for every single flexi order to change your card and they automatically take payment at that time even if not due for 3 more weeks so you kinda have to let them build up a couple and then pay, so your only making 4 calls instead of 10 or whatever. They will also manipulate with the shipping & handling by dropping some of your items that sold out the next day and selling them to others that only have 2 items so they can then charge both of you the full s&h charge of 13:99, supposed to be unlimited items at top shipping charge of $13.95 (1 item is $7.99). They also have charged me $21.98 for shipping erroneously. Once again you have to call to fix and they are making quite a profit on the elderly and naive who do not notice. When you notify them of all these errors (all in their favor/profit) they never take fault, it’s always a glitch in the system, so they also lie to your face. So crafty friends, please do not let your guard down for one minute here! Probably better off at one of the great companies selling over here in USA.

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