3 Ways a Cuddle Cushion Will Help You Relax

3 Ways a Cuddle Cushion Will Help You Relax
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Cuddle cushions are self-explanatory. They are generally soft pillows designed for cuddling.

These cushions come in various designs (like a cuddle seat cushion) and sizes — some as big as 72 inches in the case of a cuddle cushion for adults. You can browse cuddle cushions on Argos and other online stores. Before you purchase, read reviews of the stores on trusted review platforms to make sure you get your money's worth.

A good night's sleep is one of the world's purest forms of joy and relaxation, and cuddling can enhance that. Cuddling is not restricted to just spooning with a human partner. A teddy bear cuddle cushion can also play that role.

Ever wondered where the 'bear hug' expression originated from? No cookies for correct answers. But we can point you to online stores like The Original Factory Shop where you can get these cuddle cushions in the UK. You can access The Original Factory Shop reviews to get started on the purchase.

This article will look at three ways in which a cuddle cushion can help you relax.

1. Cuddling Helps You Feel at Home

Oxytocin is one of the more familiar hormones. It is a hormone associated with feelings of warmth, trust, and a sense of bonding. For people on extended stays from home, this can evoke the warm feelings of being at home. The feeling of satin, cotton, or wool feels good on the skin. Quality cushion covers are accessible in online stores like Dusk. Check out Dusk.com reviews.

Thus when you hold on to a cuddle cushion, it feels like therapy or homecoming. You just want to let your guards down, let the weight fall off your shoulders, snuggle in for a good night's rest, and get lost in pleasant dreams. Good thing is that you can get them in different colors either to suit your home's aesthetic or your personal needs. Brown is the common teddy bear cuddle cushion color range, but an orange cushion, for instance, can fill your home with brightness.

2. Cuddle Cushions Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Still on hormones and chemicals, increased oxytocin levels also increase the production of dopamine and serotonin — two other chemicals commonly called 'feel-good' hormones'. These hormones put you in a good mood and relieve anxiety. Cuddling also decreases the cortisol levels in one's body. Cortisol is the stress hormone.

Cuddle cushions are thus the perfect stress relief. So if you are preparing for a big day — say a presentation at work or school, you could just place your laptop on one of those lap trays with cushions and work comfortably.

You can also get soft linens or change the cushion covers from online stores like The Linen Works. But first, check out The Linen Works reviews.

3. Cuddle Cushions Relieve Pain

The essence of sleep is relaxation. It is the adult's brief escape from the rigors of work. Sleeping in poor positions can have you wake to back pains, and it defeats the purpose of sleep. Nobody wants to wake feeling like they have been through hours of weightlifting.

If you use a cuddle cushion properly, you can eliminate these pains because it cushions your hips and helps to keep the back in proper alignment. Cuddling with a good body pillow prevents your body from curling or twisting into awkward shapes that can leave you with pains the morning after.

Cuddling has many benefits, and scientific studies continue to reveal them. They boost immunity levels and also aid digestion. Indigestion is a cause of discomfort, and cuddle cushions can help relieve that.

It is also common knowledge that touch is one of the five love languages, so a cuddle cushion is just like a love letter to oneself. It is, at once, a friend in distress, a family member, and a masseur.

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