A Detailed Guide to Buying Cushions

A Detailed Guide to Buying Cushions

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Your living room can be the centre of attraction by having the right cushions at the right place.

Replacing cushions regularly can keep your living room or any other part of the house where you have them an interesting spot. These pieces of décor items may easily be overlooked, but they have the power to make a difference.

Some couches and chairs come with odd-looking cushions that may leave the setting looking dull. In this case, a replacement will be the best idea. However, buying these little items is more complicated than you think. You will have to arm yourself with useful information concerning such. You can easily find such on a good reviews platform.

What Colours Should You Buy?

Colours are important when choosing cushions. You may want to go for an orange cushion because it is a flashy colour and one of the most eye-catching. However, going for any colour is not the best idea. You need to consider the environment and what colour will fit in. Thus, items like rugs, curtains, wall paint, and other colours in the target space will influence what colours to go for.

Where Can I Buy Them?

There are many great household product retailers to buy your cushions from. However, you must ensure you research well in order to buy cushions you will be satisfied with. For instance, those living in Britain may check out UK shopping reviews to get a filtered result of where to make such purchases.

There are many factors that must be addressed before you buy cushions. You will find them below.

What Type of Cushions Do You Want?

There are different types of cushions depending on the purpose you want them to serve. You can easily have a lap tray with a cushion for more comfort in your living room. Cushions aren’t restricted to the couch in the living room; they can be in other parts of the house. And this can influence their texture and fabric. Below is a quick summary of the types of cushions you can have

Floor Cushions

Having cushions on the floor is a good idea, especially if you have kids. They can help you in reclining, propping up your elbow, and something to hold or play with. For this purpose, it is advisable to have darker colours to prevent easy stain detection, and the material should be quite tough but soft too.

Garden Bench Cushions

This is idle for those with gardens and who love to spend time there reading or meditating. Garden bench cushions should be tough, resistant to fading, moisture, heat, and pests. A good material for this is faux fur.

Bed Cushions

Having pillows may seem enough but including cushions to your bed is a great idea. You may need something to hug when trying to fall asleep and nothing is better for this situation than a cuddle cushion. Your bed cushions could have an entirely contrasting colour to compliment your bedding or have the same colours to blend in seamlessly.

Bench Cushions

You will need a bench cushion to make your seat more comfortable and less tiring. Bench cushions come in different sizes, types, and thicknesses. Some may prefer a non-slip bench cushion. Others include patio bench, long bench, and entryway bench cushions. Whether indoor or outdoor, having the right type of bench cushion is important. As regarding thickness, the preferable thickness for bench cushions, 50mm is best for a seating pad, a window or bench seat should have about 75mm thickness.

What Type of Cushion Fillers Should You Go For?

Cushion fillers are important as they are the comfort providers. Generally, two types of cushion inners exist to fill up cushion covers. They are synthetic and natural fillers. Below is more information on both.

Natural Fillers

Goose and duck feathers are some of the prominent types of natural cushion fillers there are. One advantage of using natural fillers for your cushions is the extreme comfort they provide. They are also known for their warmth, which is suitable for cold seasons. Other natural fillers include cotton, wool, and plant-based products.

Synthetic Fillers

Synthetic cushion fillers are the most prominent type of fillers. The reason is that it is more cost-effective than natural fillers. Another reason that makes them a better choice is the toughness they provide; thus, they are long-lasting. The fact that they are tough makes it easy for your cushion to quickly return to shape after the application of pressure. Examples of synthetic fillers include foam and polyester.

What Type of Cushion Covers Should I Go For?

Cushion covers can make the difference when it comes to adding vibrancy to your home. The type of material matters. Other factors can influence the type of fabric you decide to go with. Some of these factors are the presence of your kids, hosting of visitors frequently, and what part of the home you want your cushions to be situated in.

However, there are different fabrics for your cushion covers. Below is a quick look at the types of cushion fabrics

If you want a fabric that adds more verve to your environment and retains its shape, polyester is the answer. This synthetic material is a great option for your cushion covers. It is known for its wrinkle resistance ability and toughness. Thus, it provides enough warmth during cold seasons.

Faux fur
This is a material derived from polymeric fibres. It can be dyed and brushed which increases its resemblance to real fur. It is tear-resistant, luxuriant, and breathable. Using this for your cushion covers will add a more lively and wealthy feeling to your environment.

Cotton linen blend
A blend of cotton and linen may be the right texture you need for your cushion covers. They are among the best materials used in the industry. They are popular because of the luxuriant feel they have against the skin. Also, they are easy to wash and age well. This fabric comes in different colours which makes it easy to find the ones that will complement their host environment. Thus, you can easily get beige or green cushions whose materials are cotton plus linen.

Velvet is a great choice of fabric for cushion covers. They are knitted, tasselled materials that are unique to touch. It is a product of natural fibres like cotton and silk. Also, they can now be made from synthetic fibres such as polyester. Velvet is known for its luxuriant softness, durability, and colour richness. All these properties make it a top choice for cushion covers. It is known to add another dimension to home décor.

Outdoor Cotton
Outdoor cotton is another option for your cushion covers. This complete cotton material is tough but still retains a degree of softness for comfort. Other qualities include being heat, moisture, and pest resistant. These qualities make it a perfect fit for outdoor cushions.

Wool is one of the natural fibres suitable for cushion covers. It is produced by animals such as goats and sheep. Wool is known for its smooth feel and warmth. Other qualities such as being a natural flame retardant and durability make it a great choice for cushions.

What About Cushion Pads?

Choosing the best cushion pads for your cushion cover is mainly based on size. This is so because the size of your cushion pad will determine how your cushion will look. The best tip here is to choose a cushion pad that is the same size as your cushion cover or just a bit bigger. This is to ensure that your cushion has that plump look that you won’t get if the cushion pad is smaller.


Cushions are a great addition to your domestic environment, whether outdoors or indoors. They can be the missing piece to what makes your household unique and inviting. But getting the right cushions can be complicated. However, with this informative guide, you will find the process much easier.

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