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    Contact lenses are categorized as (ocular) prosthetic devices that can be worn for a variety of purposes – for the correction of vision, for cosmetic or for therapeutic purposes. For people with eye defects who do not enjoy glasses, contact lenses are the best bet, preventing the indentations caused by the continuous usage of glasses on the face. If stored and used hygienically, contact lenses require less interaction than glasses, which can be smudged, cracked or require adjustments regularly. Nevertheless, it is important that users of contact lenses take reasonable precautions, especially because of the sensitivity of the eyes. Contact lenses should be removed immediately the eyes turn red or irritated to avoid infections to the eye. If you use spray products while wearing your contacts, it is advisable that you keep your eyes closed to avoid the aerosol entering and settling on the lenses. You should also not wear your contacts for more than the period recommended by your eye doctor to avoid damaging the nerves of the eyes. Never wear your contact lenses overnight, while swimming or while taking a shower. It is not advisable to reuse contact lens solution, ever, and never use saliva or just any liquid as a wetting solution. Following the above rules will help to protect the health of your eyes. Discountlens is a company that offers contact lenses of different brands and types to the public. Read independent customer reviews of Discountlens by existing customers before you decide to patronize the company.

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    Discountlensh as its origins in the 1960s when soft and coloured contact lenses were invented by Jacqueline Urbach. The company was founded in 2004, and is a family-run business, with other inventions by Jacqueline Urbach including the process for sterilizing hydrophilic gelatin lenses having ultraviolet stabilizers, the invention of an apparatus for refined finishing of the edge of the lens, technique for lathe grinding multifocal contact lenses and contact lens grinding kit. Discountlens is headquartered in Switzerland.

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    Discountlens offers categories of lenses like Toric, Colour and Motif, Bifocal and Multifocal lenses from brands like Acuvue, Dailies, Avaira, AIR OPTIX, Biotrue, Proclear, Softlens and so on. You can also choose your contact lens by wearing periods like Disposable, Two weekly, Monthly and Yearly lenses. Care products like Eye Drops, Eye Vitamins, All-in-one solutions, Peroxide Solutions, Saline Solutions and even accessories like Contact lens cases and tweezers are also supplied by Discountlens by Urbach Optik AG. Other products are Sports Glasses, Ski Goggles, Night Vision Glasses, Reading Glasses and Sunglasses for Children and Adults can also be supplied by Discountlens by Urbach Optik AG.

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