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    Wanting to save money and save the planet? Ecocamel promises to achieve both goals with its spa-like shower heads. But do these shower heads actually save you money? And do they give you the powerful shower that you need? Are they easy to install, or is it a complex operation? Do they fit your shower hose? Does it work in hard water areas? Does it make a lot of noise? Does it leak? Is it stylish or an eyesore? Tell us what you think and read reviews of others!

    About Ecocamel

    Imagining a shower head that is powerful but saves water seems counter-intuitive. Accordingly, creating an environmentally conscious shower head that still gives you a comfortable bathing experience is a challenge. As a result, Ecocamel uses cutting-edge technology to provide shower heads that give you an amazing yet sustainable shower experience.

    Ecocamel calls the technology “Aircore.” What it means is that air goes into a hole at the bottom of the shower head. The mix of air and water starts spinning around. Because this spinning around goes at a high speed, turbulence is established. The pressure created by the turbulence pushes the water out. This pressure, according to Ecocamel, results in a shower with a water pressure comparable to conventional shower heads.

    Meanwhile, a flow regulator ensures that no more than 8 litres of water per minute flow out of the head. Thanks to this, you use less water. Using less water saves you money, but is also much better for the planet. Testing by an independent agency showed that an average family of four would save around 10.000 litres of water per year.

    Ecocamel's shower heads also do something other than saving you money. Because next to benefiting you financially, Ecocamel seeks to benefit your shower experience. As such, the droplets that fall from the Ecocamel shower head are softer, which prevents splattering. And considering the droplets to stay on your skin instead of bouncing off, you need less water to clean yourself. In other words, you’re saving more money.

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    Ecocamel provides several shower heads. The Jetstorm is the standard model. But if you have an electric shower or want different spray settings, you may elect to use the Jetstorm Plus model. It is also possible to get the Jetstorm Fixed Head shower head.

    People for whom the shower is an essential part of their beauty routine might want to use the ORB SPA shower head. This shower head comes with a handheld sonic massager. In addition, you can use the shower head itself for that perfect massage.

    For a soft-water shower experience, you can use the Orbit SoftWater shower head, it also has a unique ‘bicycle spoke’ pattern. If you’re just looking for the pattern, you may want to get the regular Orbit shower head.

    If you like standing in the rain, or at least like to feel as if you are standing in the rain while taking a shower, you can use the Square Rain Shower.

    Next to shower head, Ecocamel offers:

    holsters descalers suction cups towels tap aerators shower hoses shower mats shut off valves bathrobes tap head cleaners handles

    Concerns, complaints, opinions and experiences

    You can send a message to Ecocamel’s customer support on its website. It is also possible to contact the help desk by calling +44 (0) 20 8211 3666. If you seek customer support in writing, you can use the following address:

    Dephna House
    24-26 Arcadia Avenue
    N3 2JU

    It is also possible to connect with Ecocamel on Facebook, YouTube or Google+.

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    Saving water is an important step towards a sustainable future. Does Ecocamel help in this regard? Do you save money and the globe? Read reviews!

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    My shower experience was never like this

    Eccocamel has various types and styles of showers, I have never seen such and even never expected about it
    After giving so much thought, I bought one and it has aircore technology as the speed, spinning and pressure of the water was so apt that it feels like having a thearapy
    It also has regulator which is so cool .

    By: Pattrick Jonas05-09-2018
    Would buy here again

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