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    From time immemorial, agriculture has been the sustaining factor of man, man's feeding, and relevance to nature. It's importance to man's very existence is something that whenever debated cannot be tossed aside. However, as time evolved man began growing a lot of these crops all around them, in mini gardens close to their houses, and on a large land for those who decided to go into it for economical purposes. Furthermore, the growing of crops comes with a lot of issues, and the most notorious of them all is the need for safety. Over time, there have been countless innovations regarding several safety tools and gears for farming which have now been invented. One of these safety tools and gears is a Wellies. A wellie is a popular British boot that dates back to the early 19th century. It was originally called the Wellington boot; a leather made boot that was adapted from Hessian boots which use a style of military riding boots. The reason for the first name it had; Wellington was because it was made known to a lot of people than by the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley and it later became popular boot wear for the middle class. Subsequently, the name was given to waterproof boots made of rubber and was no longer associated with any class. In time, the name was further changed from Wellington boots to what it is now presently called, Wellies. Wellies are now mostly used for agricultural and outdoor pursuits. It is relevant to agriculture in the sense that it is a safety boot made of rubber which can be worn when going to the farm to protect the legs from any injuries. Its outdoor use is mainly for when going to the beach or a local community farm gathering. Evercreaturesis an online retail shop that specialises in the sales of special handmade wellies. We suggest you read honest customers reviews of Evercreatures here before considering investing in any of their products and services.

    About Evercreatures

    Evercreatures is a privately held company that asserts to have been in the business of offering different types and brands of handmade natural rubber wellies, umbrellas, and hats to people around the United Kingdom. The company assert to be “proud to be able to use its industry knowledge to create the rubber mix for clients’ wellies”. The company also claims to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

    Products and services of Evercreatures

    Evercreatures has on sale a wide range of handmade rubber wellies. Some of which are customized based on the size, style and colour of the owner's preference, others are launched every new season. Evercreatures offers a retailer sales service where they sell to other little shops for reselling, and wholesale sales for those who wish to buy in bulk. Evercreatures asserts to have an active delivery service for customers who make purchases from them. The company also claims to a standby customer service centre for assistance in customers’ refund and return, where terms and conditions are applicable.

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    Evercreatures is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Fashion.

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