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Dogs and cats may be pretty self-sufficient, but they do need some items if you want to keep them happy and healthy. Maybe Fetch has the kind of products for your Dalmatian or Golden Retriever. But what will the quality of their dog food be? Will your Siamese cat like their cat toys? Will the cat bed or dog bed be comfortable enough for your four-legged friend? Will you have to wait long for the delivery service of Fetch to send you your bird food or other wildlife products? And will the customer service listen to you when the cat litter box is never used by your feline? Only pet owners who already visited Fetch can inform you of these matters. Read their reviews to find out if Fetch is the right pet shop for your pet. Their ratings, experiences, comments and opinions can show you what shopping at Fetch means.

About Fetch

Fetch is a pet shop. The shop is a part of Ocado. They have products for any type of pet. Their aim is to have you think of them as “your friendly local pet shop”. They offer general products such as dog food, cat food and other bird food and pet food. Collars, pet treats and pet beds are available for any kind of pet. But there are also some animal-specific products. For dogs, they can provide leashes, puppy products, dog training equipment, collars, harnesses, dog beds, dog coats, dog treats and so on. Cat owners can choose from cat flaps, litter boxes, cat beds, healthcare products, kitten products, Of course, cats and dogs are not the only pets. You can also visit Fetch if you’re looking for some products for smaller animals. Examples of these smaller pets are rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, mouses, guinea pigs, fishes and rats. There is even some food for birds and other wildlife as well as fish in a pond. A special category is reserved for healthcare products that will keep your companion happy and healthy.

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Services of Fetch

The pet products and wildlife products from Fetch can be ordered online, Just select the pet food or pet bed that you want and place your order via your account. The delivery service of Fetch will send the collar or leash directly to your home. There is also a special Fetch delivery service to assist you whenever you require some help or assistance.

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Does one of your pets already have a Fetch product? Then, we would love to hear everything about your Fetch experience. Does your dog or cat like to sleep in a pet bed from Fetch? How tasty is their pet food? How useful are their cat flaps? Are those pet collars sturdy enough? Did you have to wait long for Fetch’s delivery service to send you your wildlife food? And what did Fetch’s customer service say when you were not satisfied with your pet grooming products? Write your own Fetch review and tell us what your impression of this pet shop really is.

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Coolest pet shop ever

I totally in fascination with the range of products they have, I mean even I don't have all the pet but the fact they have such cool supplies, I have a feeling to get lot of them. I have Delores, my cat, for that I shop like every month here. And I came to know they have pretty much ever pet-related stuff, which I keep on exploring.
You will find everything which is pet related here.

By: Greg Bullock04-03-2019
Would buy here again

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