Key Things to Consider When Buying Fridges Online

Key Things to Consider When Buying Fridges Online

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Buying fridges from physical stores is not easy; it is even harder when you choose to buy from online stores.

Even with the adherent advantages of online shopping, many people would prefer buying major appliances in person. However, with how the world has moved on, we are sometimes left with no choice but to buy from online stores. The role refrigerators play in our daily domestic lives cannot be quantified; thus, buying such an item needs great care. For this reason, it is important to know what to look out for when buying fridges online.

Another headache is where to buy fridges online. A good search online can help you decide. Platforms like BritainReviews could be of great help too. But we will talk more about that later. Now let’s look at things to note when buying fridges online.

1. Read reviews

When buying fridges online, you need to read reviews to know where and what type of brand to buy. You can check for shopping online reviews and find credible online stores that have what you want.

Also, people have diverse opinions on what brands of refrigerators are best to buy. Some may easily go for popular brands like Samsung or an Argos fridge freezer; however, reviews and recommendations are your best bet if you don’t have one in mind.

2. Check for Energy Rating

This is an important factor you need to consider when buying a refrigerator online. It doesn’t matter whether it is a beer fridge or another type of fridge. All refrigerators come with energy ratings. These ratings determine how energy efficient the refrigerators are. This rating is given based on certain requirements set down by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying a Beko fridge freezer or another brand; all fridges come with energy ratings.

For instance, if a larder fridge is labelled as having one star, such a fridge has high energy consumption, thus, inappropriate. However, a five-star rated fridge is highly efficient as regards energy consumption. Thus, when looking to patronise brands like Bosch fridge freezers, it is advisable to look for a fridge with the highest energy rating, although that means you will be paying more.

Also, buying a fridge with a low energy rating means you will be paying more for electricity, a constant activity. But if you buy one with a higher rating, even though it is more expensive, it will save you more on electricity charges. This means you can recover part of your money in the long run.

3. Ensure the Deal is Favourable

We know all about the advantages of buying fridges online. However, if the deal costs more than buying it in a physical store, it is better to take the more favourable option. Sometimes, the problem may be from the store you have chosen to buy from. That is why you need to check multiple online stores before deciding.

4. Check the Fridge in Person

If the online store’s physical outlet is where you can easily visit, it is advisable to check out the fridge yourself. This is because buying appliances online can be tricky sometimes. The specifications you have chosen may not be what you end up with. Some photos of items online may be doctored to look appealing to customers, but it isn’t so in reality. You may have ordered an integrated fridge freezer but ended up with something completely different.

Thus, going to the physical store to verify your order is a good way to ensure the online shop has your preferences right.

5. Consider Size

Size is important when buying fridges, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Why you should care about this is due to energy efficiency in fridges. Spacious fridges have higher energy consumption compared to smaller fridges. That is why mini fridges are one of the most efficient energy consumers. However, fridges measuring about 16-20 cubic feet are preferable.

However, the size of the fridge you want also depends on what you intend to store in it. If you want to preserve food items, a considerably big-sized fridge will do, but if you need a small fridge that won’t take up much space in your kitchen, an under counter fridge may be what you are looking for.

6. Know the Different Types of Fridges Available

Some people make the mistake of buying fridges without knowing what options are available to make an informed choice. There are different types of fridges, and knowing them will help you settle for the one that is energy efficient and will serve you best. Let’s take a look at some of the fridges we have:

- Top-Freezer Fridge

A top-freezer fridge has its freezer located above the main refrigerator space. It is the type that most people are used to. Aside from their antique tag, top-freezer fridges are remarkable regarding energy efficiency. And one of the reasons why many people go for this type of fridge is that it is more affordable than most other types.

- Bottom-Freezer Fridge

A bottom-freezer fridge has its freezer located below the refrigerator space. This type is also rampant and relatively affordable compared to other types. Although you won’t find many bottom-freezer fridges in the market nowadays, they are great at energy consumption. Thus, if you should find one, be ready to grab it.

- Side-by-side Door Fridge

In this type of fridge, both the fridge compartment and the freezer are directly beside each other. With this, all your stored food items can easily be seen.

Most Side-by-side door fridges come with little freezer space; this won’t serve you well if you are into baking and intend to preserve large-sized items in there.

- Multiple Doors Fridges

These are also known as French door refrigerators. A French door fridge is stylish and possesses dual doors for the fridge space, while the freezer also has its own separate lid.

Because of this style, they are usually more expensive than other types of fridges. There are other versions of the French door fridge. Some come with three or four doors.

- Built-in Fridges

Built-in fridges are made to fit in seamlessly with the kitchen space. They have their compartment where they are fixed, just like a cabinet or shelf. A variant of this is the integrated fridge. The major difference is that the integrated fridge is absolutely in line with the counter depth, while the built-in type juts out and is easily spotted.

7. Determine the Delivery and Installation

When buying a refrigerator online, it is important to know if your purchase includes delivery and installation. If this is not added, you will be paying extra for those services.

Where to Find Fridges for Sale Online

Knowing where to buy your fridge is as important as knowing the specifications you desire. Places abound where you can find fridges for sale. You can read reviews on fridges or household appliance reviews to find great places selling what you want.

Some may tell you to go to Amazon, given that they have virtually everything buyable. However, brands like Argos, Bosch, Samsung and Beko are also noteworthy fridge brands with online stores you can check.


Purchasing refrigerators online can be a rough ride. Whether you are buying a black fridge freezer or a common mini fridge for your kitchen, you have to go about with caution if you want to end up with your desired product. The tips mentioned above will help you in no small way to achieve your online fridge buying goal.

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