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    Filtration Technology

    is a technology that uses the techniques and science of filtration for real-world purposes. However, Filtration is a term that describes the dissociation of particles of different sizes; solid, liquid, and gas. The techniques of filtration are applied in different industries to help increase the safety and efficiency of products. Some industries where the use of filtration technology is common are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, water, biotechnology, the food processing industry, and the fashion industry. Previously, the fashion industry never made it to the list of industries using filtration technology until recent times where cases of pollution and airborne contaminants have been on the increase. Because of the recent outbreak of diseases, fashion companies have adopted the techniques of filtration to help protect against viral infections, bacterial, and pollution. A company that boasts to have their fashion apparel treated with filtration technology is G95. G95 is a clothing brand that claims to have its apparels and apparel accessories tested against contaminants. The company insists its products have built-in filtration protection. If you are looking for fashion gears and accessories protective against pollutants and microbes, we recommend you go through honest customer reviews below about G95, their products, services, compliments, and the values they stand for.

    About G95

    G95 is an Atlanta-based clothing company founded by Hazel and Carlton Solle, that manufactures washable and reusable apparel and apparel accessories. Though the company manufactures fashion wears, it is more popularly known for “Bioscarf”, a product it asserts to have launched in 2017. G95 states it makes its clothing products using filtration technology, capable of filtering airborne organisms of 0.1 microns. The company insists those products are protected against viruses, bacteria, smoke, allergens, and air pollution. G95, previously had its manufacturing operations run in China before moving activities to Cascade Township, United States. Currently, the company affirms it has about three sewing shops across around the world; Asia, Latin America, and the United States with most of its materials sourced from Europe.

    Products and Services of G95

    Products offered by G95 include; Biohoodie, Bioscarf, Biogoggles, Bioshield mask, Biopullover, and Biogaiter. The company maintains, it runs various filtration test services for its products; bacterial filtration efficiency test, latex particle challenge test, differential pressure test, and viral efficiency test. Furthermore, G95 affirms it offers worldwide shipping service for all its products. They also claim to send messages in the form of a newsletter to keep their clients and prospects abreast of their assortment of products and services.

    Compliments, complaints, and tips for G95

    We would love to know if you have ordered any of the G95 clothing products. If you have, what would you say about their bio-shield mask? Were they protect against airborne contaminants, as claimed by the company? Also, what are your thoughts and experiences about their alleged filtration technology? Did you perceive any complications of the said technology on your health? Would you deem them safe for use? If you found their clothing products satisfactory, kindly take a few moments and share your feedback here with us. This will help give prospects an inkling of what they intend to buy while helping the company as well improve on its products and services.

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