An extensive buying guide to gaming chairs!

An extensive buying guide to gaming chairs!

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Gamers usually spend hours playing their favourite games, sitting at a fixed place that too without taking proper breaks. Yes, it is certainly not healthy, but the situation can be even worse if you don’t have a gaming chair to support you and keep your body from aching. Aside from all the gaming components and accessories like gaming desk, monitor, headsets, and other things, it is vital to invest your money in a gaming chair too that will keep your posture correct, will help you reduce strain, and keep you fit to keep going for hours without budging.

But do you know what you would have to look for when buying a gaming chair? Do you know which aspects matter the most when buying a gaming chair? If not, then don’t worry, as I am here with an extensive guide to buying a gaming chair that will answer all of your questions.

What to look for when buying a computer gaming chair? A complete guide!  

All you will have to do is keep the following things in mind, and you will surely be able to get your hands on the best possible gaming chair. But before we move on, do remember that it is important to find a reliable store first to shop the gaming chair from. It is recommended to check UK shopping reviews and see what other customers are suggesting about different stores. 

The type of gaming chairs!

The type of gaming chair simply defines what platform you are going to use it. The reason why this factor is important is that gaming chairs are designed in different ways that could be suitable for different types of players, such as PC players, console players, and car simulation players. 

First of all, these are the types of gaming chairs you can get your hands on:

  • Console Gaming Chairs

  • PC Gaming Chairs

  • Car Simulation Chairs

When it comes to console gaming chairs, they are a little more versatile than the other types. Not only that, but their height is also a little lower due to the fact that you won’t have to keep your gaming desk’s height in mind. It does not precisely matter if you are looking for a PlayStation Gaming Chair or a chair for any other console, you can go with the one designed specifically for consoles, and you will be good to go.

As for the PC gaming chairs, you can find tons of variants on the internet. You might even find a few massage gaming chairs having extra features to keep you comfortable and cosy all the time. You can take help from BritainReviews to find stores offering such varieties of gaming chairs.

Lastly, as for the racing simulation chairs, they are meant for gamers who want a real driving experience. They are the bulkiest and can cost you an arm too!


Would you really consider going with a gaming chair that does not actually offer what it is meant for? Probably not! You should look out for the ergonomics of your PC, PlayStation, or a Xbox gaming chair and see if it is perfectly balanced in all ways. You will have to consider if the gaming chair would keep your posture correct during the long playing hours. Aside from that, a great ergonomic chair can also help you reduce your back pain, help your movements, and offer you a pain-free experience while gaming.  

Lumbar Support

If you do not want your back to stop you from playing games, then you would surely want to look out for the lumbar support in your gaming chair. It does not precisely matter if you are going with a cheap gaming chair or an expensive one; it is not really a good idea to compromise here.

Lumbar support is what keeps your back supported and free from pain. Not only that, but lumbar support should also be adjustable so that you can adjust it as per the support needed for your spine. 

Headrest, armrest, backrest, and tilt locks!

These things might seem insignificant to some gamers, but they play quite a massive role in making your overall gaming experience better. Headrest simply helps the gamers to keep their head comfortable. It is not possible for anyone to sit straight and play for hours without feeling pain. That is where the headrest comes in to save the day and let you rest your head a bit or continue playing, keeping your head rested.

As for the armrests, without them, one cannot even play games properly. Armrests are what offer support to your arms so that you can hold the mouse and press keys comfortably. You will not have to rely on your gaming desk or the hand-rest provided by keyboards. As for the backrests, they provide support to your whole back and not just the spine. They should be comfortable and cosy too. 

As for the tilt locks, they lock the tilt movements of your gaming chair and stop the unnecessary movements. They can be quite necessary if you want to be focused on gaming without any type of disruptions.

If you are wondering how you can get a gaming chair with so many of these features, you can find homeware product reviews and see what other fellow gamers are saying about different chairs. This is how you will be able to get the perfect fit for your needs.

Overall Adjustability

Every person has their own preferences and likings that they love to go with. The same case can be implied on the gaming chairs as some people like their height to be low, some like them to be tilted forward, or some want their armrest to be wider or rotated. But it is not really possible if your gaming chair does not have the necessary adjustability features. The most important one here is surely the height adjustability, and you should never go with one that does not offer that. After that, you can look out for lumbar adjustments, headrest adjustment, armrest adjustment, and locking mechanisms for everything to be perfect.

Design and colours!

Everyone wants their gaming setup to look beautiful and classy. And well, gaming chairs play an important role in enhancing the overall looks of your gaming setup. That is also why the design and the colours of a gaming chair matter quite a lot! 

The first thing you would want to check about your gaming chair is how it looks. You can go with the ones having sporty designs, or just the simple ones. You can also get the gaming chairs having plain and simple colours or with the ones having combinations. But if your gaming setup has a specific theme, you will have to choose that colour for the gaming chair too. For instance, you might want to go with a white gaming chair if your setup theme is light or exactly white. You might even want to have a gaming chair mat if you want a precise theme.

Build Quality and Weight Support 

Lastly, to understand for how many years you can use a gaming chair, you will have to determine and evaluate its build quality. The gaming chair should be made of heavy-duty material as the chair will have to bear your whole weight. And yes, make sure to check the maximum weight limit too and see if your weight is compatible with it or not. You can also consider going with a floor gaming chair for better support and durability.

A few extra features

These are the features that you can check in the last when you have confirmed all of the things mentioned above are there in your gaming chair. As for what exact features you would have to look for in the best gaming chair, then the first one would be footrest. A gaming chair with footrest will provide you with even better comfort and luxury. You can also consider going with an LED gaming chair offering full-fledged gaming looks. And yes, if you do not want to use headphones all the time while gaming or watching movies, you can try finding a gaming chair with speakers. But again, these features should be the least of your priorities. 

What brands are the best when looking for gaming chairs?

As now you have understood what to look for in a gaming chair, you might be wondering what brand you should explore to get the best gaming chair. Well, there are quite a lot of gaming chair brands, but the following are the ones that have proven to be good and are popular too amongst the gamers.

  • GT Omega: As we are talking about the best gaming chair UK here, GT Omega would suit your needs perfectly. GT Omega is a store that solely focuses on manufacturing gaming chairs for gamers. You can visit their store and determine which GT Omega gaming chair is perfect for you.

  • Cougar: Cougar does not only offer gaming chairs to its users, but they also have a wide range of other gaming peripherals too. This is probably why they are quite trustful among the community too.

  • DXRacer: If you are looking forward to buying the best gaming chair with ultimate racing looks, DXRacer would be the perfect fit for you.

Of course, there are many other great brands too. These are just a few among many that are great and offer reliable products to their customers.

The Final Verdict!

Thanks to the internet and guides available there, it is definitely not very difficult to get your hands on the thing that would benefit you. All you will have to do is keep the things mentioned above in your checklist, and you will be good to go. Make sure not to compromise on the really important aspects.

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