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    Nowadays, birds’ natural sources of food are becoming scarcer. It is therefore, imperative you put out the right types of food to feed your garden birds. There are numerous ways you can feed your wild birds. Some of these ways includes but not limited to planting trees and shrubs that will offer birds’ fruit and berries, in addition to attracting insects. Furthermore, you can choose to put out food on bird tables and in bird feeders. One of the best ways of feeding birds is by using bird tables. You can use birds’ tables to provide your birds with such kitchen scraps as bread, fats, cheese, rice, bacon and fresh and dried fruits. It is important you stay away from raw meat and vegetables, as birds tend to find these kinds of food difficult to digest. You should clean your bird tables regularly and avert the spread of disease and ensure that you clear any food that falls from the table to avert rats and other scavengers. Different types of bird feeder that are created to hold a wide range of food such as nuts, seeds and particularly formulated fat balls are available in today’s market place. Some of them are designed to frighten squirrels and other predators, whilst some are also designed to attract different species of birds to your garden. If you have a nut feeder, don’t put out whole nuts during breeding season. This is because they can choke baby birds. As an alternative, grind them up or use a custom mesh feeder that can only permit the passage of small particles at a time. Most bird food suppliers sell tailor-made fat balls. Garden Wildlife Direct is one company that has been in the business of offering different types and brands of wild bird products. You should read honest reviews of Garden Wildlife Direct here.

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    Garden Wildlife Direct is a privately held company that is dedicated to offering fantastic collection of low priced wild bird products. Garden Wildlife Direct is a family operated business that is time honored, have good track record and as such is the UK’s biggest and leading online self-governing bird food supplier. With all-inclusive collection of foods, feeders and habitats, that the company offers, you can consider looking after a wide range of UK’s best-loved creatures from your comfort zone, at a price that won’t put you out of pocket. In addition to offering its products at affordable prices, she offer free delivery on 12.55kg food sacks and above, plus orders of £25.00 and above. Unlike its peers, this company is passionate about garden wildlife and dedicated to making caring for its clients’ garden wildlife simply reasonably priced for all.

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    Garden Wildlife Direct birds peanuts, bird seed, bird suet and fat balls, bird feeder, wildlife products and more.

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