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    Katherine Heil 07-07-2018
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    I myself a jewellery designer. I have worked with lot of brands, some are very much known. I kind of know the inside out buying mantras about it. so honestly, I Can tell there are not very much great options for jewellery concerning everyhting like cost, quality, deisgn and genuine-ness. There are some brands which you can trust with closed eyes but they are so much costly. however,there are not much difference
    Still Gemondo impressed me, as it works for every kind of people.
    Range : it is exquisite, I was surprised to see the range of price, design and variety works in different categories. so there is something very great for everyone.
    Price : Can go with this. one of the best price options considering designs and if one compare
    Design- designs are available in every category. no stopping there
    Category/type - there are earrings, gemstones, cuffs, birthstones, necklaces and what not.
    collection of gemstones, metallic fittings, deisgns are impeccable.

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