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    One thing can pay huge sums of money to maintain is the condition of their skin. To maintain beautiful and glowing skin, it depends on what one steadily consumes as there are foods that act as an anti-ageing suppressant. The human skin ages over time and this is dependent on a large number of factors such as genes, quality of food consumed, condition of the job done and so another factor. When the body is under intense stress, the organ of the body that shows the most appreciated is the skin, as the skin show the overall condition of the body, there’s so much a lotion, cream, mask and serums can do. All these products are targeted at the skin and not the root cause of the problem. So, taking good food and enough rest could help reduce the impact of ageing by a large percentage. Some creams and serums are very potent in clearing all the spots and signs of ageing if the dosage is followed accordingly. The number of companies out there in the industry is numerous, but one of such companies include Gold Collagen, they focus on distributing skincare and haircare product. We know you have several questions about the company so we oblige that you read unbiased customer reviews of Gold Collagen here before considering investing in any of their assortment of products and services.

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    Gold Collagen is an offshoot of Minerva Research Labs Ltd founded in 2009 by Tony Sanguinetti. The product was launched in the UK in 2011 and ever since they’ve continued to release their products in different cities around and across the globe. Gold Collagen maintains that its products contain a vital ingredient that ensures the formation of collagen. Their products are available in over 35 countries around the globe.

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    Products and services of Gold Collagen

    For those looking to understand succinctly, the structure of their skin, they might want to consider trying out Gold Collagen as they provide concise information about the skin, how ageing occurs, the importance of collagen in solving ageing problems. They also offer a free skincare test to interested individuals, and with these people can assess the collagen levels and skin needs, with the test also comes an opportunity to sample to all Gold Collagen products on the day of the appointment. Under their lifestyle catalogue, they provide the following products such as Purely Me, a magazine discussing lifestyle issues. Future Shapers, Veganism, Veganuary, Know Your Skin, and 8 Factors that affect hair growth are some other lifestyle additions on their catalogue.

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    Gold Collagen is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care.

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