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    Karen ward31-10-2018
    Would buy here again: NO









    I purchased my diamond wedding ring 5 years ago, 3 diamonds have fallen out on 3 different occasions in 3 different parts of the ring in the last 5 months, surely a wedding ring should last a life time? having paid for the first 2 stones to be replaced I challenged Goldsmiths about the setting of the ring failing they accused me of damaging the ring and therefore refused to replace the third stone unless I paid £245, I am certain I have not damaged the ring however Goldsmiths are not interested, I will never buy from them again and would recommend others to steer clear

    Natalie Coster07-01-2019

    Hi Karen. I have had exactly the same problem I spent £4000 on a diamon ring only to have a stone fall out within 4 months and now a second less than a year after purchase. I have had 2 independent jewellers look and both have said how poor the setting quality is . I will also never purchase from them again . I don’t know about you but I have not even had an email reply from them after sending many many complaints .

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