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    Fiona bells06-10-2017
    Would buy here again: YES









    I am reading Great magazine for a long time, it had been one year and I am a regular reader and totally loved it. there are many reasons behind me suggesting you to read these magazines. but here are some pinpoints that will surely help you to know better:
    1. let's start with reason first, I really love the categories they have. you can get anything like literally anything. there are food related, fashion related, not just that you can get the latest news on anything. also, there are columns for your hobbies oriented stuff where you can get lots of things to learn
    2. easy process in order, you just have to visit their website and fill some information and you will get your magazine! However, the delivery timing can differ sometimes which is not an issue literally.
    3. Games! if you are like me and love to play games for passing time then you are going to get crossword, codebreaker etc like interesting games.

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