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    Hemp, to some people, is nature’s gift to man. This is a variety of Sativa that is planted industrially to produce several things. Luckily, hemp is a biodegradable product which makes it very eco-friendly. Meaning, it doesn’t pollute the environment the way plastics do. Hemp is one of the fastest producing plants and has been in use for more than 50, 000 years now. Hemp can also be used to make a wide range of industrial and commercial products, including shoes, ropes, textile, biodegradable plastic, paper, paint, biofuel, insulation, animal feed, and food. Many fashion companies who understand the secret the hemp plant holds, have found ways in making clothing items with it. Fibre from the bast can be used to make quality textiles that are a hundred per cent hemp, which is used in making fabrics for furnishings and apparel. Lifestyle products like shirts, sweaters and hoodies can now be worn with ease, and no one would know they are made from hemp unless you tell them it is. Apart from the naturally amazing effects of hemp, some of the advantages of settling for hemp fabrics include that fact that clothing manufactured from hemp fibre is not only durable, and absorbent, but they are also lightweight. Hemp materials are also moulded, UV and weather-resistant, which makes clothing made from hemp great outdoor apparel. They are also naturally biodegradable, making it the ultimate fibre product to work with. Amazingly, very few clothing companies are adopting the use of hemp in the production of clothing items, and there is more awareness as to the importance of including hemp products in your wardrobe. If you have been in search of a trusted brand to get all of such services each from, we recommend that you try one like Greenz. We cannot tell you if Greenz is the right choice for you, so we recommend that you read unbiased reviews of Greenz by those who have tried them before.

    About Greenz
    Greenz is an online store that provides earth-friendly clothing. The store claims its products are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. It also maintains that the materials used in producing its products are hypoallergenic and thermoregulating. Greenz works with the belief that hemp is naturally biodegradable and non-toxic, which quickly breaks down in as little as three months. Greenz is propelled by the belief to manufacture the best organic hemp wear for customers to enjoy. Its mission is to regulate the ethics within the clothing industry to better the environment.

    Products and Services of Greenz
    Greenz offers a variety of lifestyle products that include T-shirts, long sleeve, hoodie and sweater. Customers can find out by contacting the store’s customer care services.

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