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    Horses are unique creatures in the sense that they exist not just for themselves but also for the service of humans. Horses became our friends long time ago. They were with our ancestors in their wars and sojourns and they have evolved along with us. Today, when our need for them has lessened and other means of transport have been developed, horses remain graceful, obedient and loyal friends. Horse riding is still being employed in different enterprises, for instance horses fall under the category of working animals so they are used to do certain jobs. Horse riding is also an important means of transport in areas where poor landscape may not encourage other means of transport. However, horse riding is mostly common today in sports and recreational activities. Equestrian sports covers a lot of activities both in competitive sports and in entertainment: horse riding activities like rodeo, eventing, dressage, endurance riding, vaulting, polo, horse racing and even horse shows. Horses are trained to master certain behaviors and show high level of obedience.Thoroughbreds are very popular in these areas. As well as ensuring that horse riding is comfortable and safe for them, horse riders also have to ensure that their horses look good and are healthy. Horse riding can sometimes be dangerous. It is essential that safety is ensured to prevent injuries and discomforts and while safety equipments like helmets, horse boots, crash vests and safety stirrups may not totally remove the chance of an accident or injury they might help to reduce the severity. Injuries resulting from horse riding are rare but usually severe when they occur. The need to manage this well and ensure health of both rider and horse constitutes the need for a well stocked tack room. Safety equipments as well as horse riding apparel can be kept there. Also, if one has an interest in horses and wants to construct an equestrian facility or even an arena, they must be aware of all the logistics needed to do so. This knowledge is not easy to come by. That is why GS Equestrian exists. You should read honest reviews on GS Equestrian here before visiting their website.

    About GS Equestrian

    GS Equestrian was established in 1993 and is located in Edmonton, Canada. They cater for all the needs of horses, horse riders and travelers using horses, offering their services and products to customers in North America and Europe. GS Equestrian is dedicated to ensuring that horse riders and equestrian facilities are well stocked and provided with necessary equipment and apparels, focusing on dressage, horse health care, providing lessons and guide and available for clinics in North America.GS Equestrian also provides consultation services on horse sale and purchase, in the construction of equine facilities, facilitation in horse shows and keeping riders and stakeholders abreast of all the information, logistical and legal requirements in horse travels.


    Specialties of GS Equestrian
    GS Equestrian is into the sale and delivery of riding wears, horse wears, riding hats and other apparel, horse riding equipment and other equestrian needs.

    They specialize in and facilitate horse shows, clinics, horse health care as well as management and construction of equine facilities.

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    GS Equestrian is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Sport & Outdoor.

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