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    Footwear is important, especially if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all days. In some professions, you are even required to wear special safety footwear. But where can you get such shoes and boots? One of the companies that you can go to is HAIX. But what can you expect from their boots and shoes? Will their shoes be comfortable? How safe will their fireproof boots really be? Do their forest shoes protect your feet from bad mud, cold and bad weather circumstances? And what kind of delivery service and customer service does HAIX provide if you approach them with a question, complaint or problem? The best way to find answers to these questions is by reading reviews left by real customers of HAIX. Read their opinions, experiences and ratings to find out if HAIX is the provider of the perfect shoes to wear during your day at work.

    About HAIX

    HAIX is a company that offers shoes, boots and other footwear for professional markets. The call themselves a brand of shop for heroes.Their brands include For military professions, for instance, they offer desert army boots, black combat boots and brown military shoes. For firemen, they offer safety boots that can endure high temperatures and keeps the wearer safe when he or she has to enter a building that is on fire. There are also special rescue shoes for paramedics, firefighters and other jobs that include saving lives. HAIX also have forest boots and hunting boots that are specially designed for forestry works, hiking, long walks in the woods and hunting. These boots are adjusted with an anti-slip sole that provides a firm foothold even when the terrain is wet and slippery. And they also offer special shoes for policemen that can be work during road traffic accidents, pounding the streets, surveillance rounds of other police activities. Their brands include Black Eagle, Airpower, Nevada Pro and other brands. Most of the shoes include GORE-Tex features. Therefore, they are breathable and waterproof.

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    Services of HAIX

    You can order their shoes via their website. HAIX’s delivery service will mail the shoes and send them directly to your home. They offer a free returns service. This means they won’t charge any extra for sending the shoes back to them if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. And they offer a customer service to assist you when you need any help or assistance.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for HAIX

    Do you already spend your workday wearing shoes from HAIX? Then we would love to know what you can tell us about this brand of workwear shoes and boots. How comfortable are these boots? Won’t they bother you when you need to focus on saving lives or doing other things that need your complete attention? How durable are these shoes? Are they really as waterproof and breathable as they are advertised to be? And what kind of customer service will HAIX provide if you have some kind of question, complaint or problem? Write a review and tell us what your opinion on HAIX really is.

    Hpw safe will the safetly boots from HAIX keep you safe and comfortable during your workday? Read customer reviews about their waterproof boots etc.

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    haix protector are crap boots

    iv had haix protector chainsaw boots only about 12 months worn them on weekend for cutting firewood and the sole came off to find there not coverd by garrantee £150 on offer but should of been £189 I will not be buying another pair they are crap worst boot iv had and over priced when trying to contact haix about repair no chance they are apsolute shit

    By: martin thomas31-01-2019
    Would buy here again

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