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    8 months lies and evasion while Heal's kept my money

    Andrew McCabe14-03-2019
    Would buy here again: NO









    Ordered stackable bookshelves July 2018. Shortly after order was placed, I was asked to accept change in colour scheme which I reluctantly agreed. Advised that delivery would be fast - early Sept - as most items in stock. Nobody contacted me about any delay, Late Sept I emailed Heal's and was advised "order has fallen behind schedule" due "update from supplier" and revised to mid October. On 3rd Dec. I contacted Heal's saying "Terrible customer service in that I have to chase information about a long delay, but even worse that two months further on you haven’t contacted me again. It’s five months since I ordered furniture items you said would be here in two months. What’s going on?". I got a proforma response saying "someone will be in touch". No one ever got in touch. I messaged Heal's later in December saying "I still await a reply". No reply from Heal's. I contacted the individual with whom I placed the order who did reply. He could not help - no access to information. No further reply from Heal’s. Early Jan I got a delivery notice. Day before delivery I was sent list of items to be delivered – it included only parts of the order, crucially omitting the assembly fasteners so I’d have had a group useless boxes I could not assemble. I told them not to deliver til they had the full order. No reply from Heal’s. Mid Feb I was contacted saying “we are ready to deliver”. I phoned to clarify – but they were still pushing to deliver the incomplete pieces that could not be built. I refused delivery again. 3rd Mar, was contacted, message said “some of the items on your order that were caught up in our warehouse fire have now been discontinued”. I asked for an immediate refund. No response from Heal’s other than to say “we will process”. Now 11 days more, and am waiting for the thousands pounds Heal’s has had for nearly a year. The lack of any responses and the concealment of the true order status amounts to a continuous pattern of lies and evasion all while they have kept my money. Dreadful dreadful company. Never buy from them.

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