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    It is extremely easy to see why we are bombarded with ever-increasing camera resolutions. A lot of reluctance to advance new technology comes from the typical cynical production attitude of “It will cost more, and it’s yet another complicated thing to learn.” One can fully sympathise with this sentiment. It is often very hard to keep up with technology because researchers are working endlessly to bring something new to the table. For a new technology to catch on, it has to fulfil two criteria which are step by step. Firstly it has to be better than what came before it. Secondly, it has to be more practical and convenient than what came before it. Until a new technology has achieved those two aims it will always remain either a niche, or it will fade away into obscurity, no matter how cool it is or how good the marketers are. The latest camera research is shifting away from increasing the number of megapixels to fusing camera data with computational processing. This implies a radical new approach where the incoming data may not look like an image at all. It only becomes an image after a series of computational steps that often involve complex mathematics and modelling how light travels through the scene or the camera. Typical cameras use lots of pixels to capture a scene that is likely illuminated by a single light source. But you can also do things the other way around, capturing information from many light sources with a single pixel. There are numerous companies producing cameras that are revolutionary and one such company is Insta360. It is said that Insta360 looked at everything people wanted in a 360 camera, and stuffed it all into their cameras especially One X. However, read through some honest reviews of Insta360 before patronizing them.

    About Insta360
    Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co., Ltd. is a camera company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo. They claim to make bold innovative action cameras, 360-degree cameras and 180-3D cameras that help people capture and share their lives. Founded in 2014, Insta360 is said to be the world leader in 360-degree cameras. The Insta360 ONE is a 4K 360-degree camera. It can be used as a standalone action camera or as a mobile attachment for live-streaming from a smartphone which empowers people to freely share their experiences.

    Products of Insta360
    Their products include Insta360 One R, Insta360 Go, Insta360 One X, Insta360 Titan, Insta360 One, Insta360 Nano S, Insta360 pro 2, Insta360 Evo, and Insta360 Pro.

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    Insta360 ONE R In-Depth | The Action Camera That Does IT ALL!?

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    Insta360 is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Electronics.

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